Monday, December 31, 2012

The Archetype


That simple.  Haven't seen that movie in a lot of years.  A lot.  But it resonated deep within my imagination.  Just finished rewatching it.  And, clearly, that movie is one of the key inspirations to my Wild West figure collection.  Certainly, those other movies mentioned at the head of that particular page were key inspirations as well - but they provide the comic relief.  Chisum guides, in so many ways, the more 'serious' game.

I don't plan to stage refights of the Lincoln County War but it will inspire a fictional campaign that will travel across as many table top actions as life will provide opportunity for.

Oh, and that AWI game for tomorrow?  Not happening, misinformed informant; guess you'll just have to wait for more photos.  Do hope to get some painting done tomorrow and maybe I'll snap and post some shots of what I get done.

Almost time to go wake the wife so we can celebrate the turning of the New Year before she goes back to sleep to get up early and work tomorrow.

So, for all those who visit here: A safe and happy new year to you all - and may you play enough games to look back fondly by its end.

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