Zoologicals (7/14)

June 3, 2018

Super cool!  Courtesy of a friend with a 3D printer, I now have enough baboons to have either one troop of 48 or two of 24.  

January 22, 2017

Just a listing of the animals I have, some shown in photos below - though now with textured bases for at least part of them (sorry, no updated photos yet), for my African plains set up.  So here goes:

Zebra 48, Wildebeests 48, Thompson's gazelles 48, Sable antelope 18, Impalas 24, Grant's gazelles 24, Giraffe 36, Okapi 6, Elephants 48, Rhinoceros 24, Hippopotamus 24, Monkeys 24, Gorillas, 18, Chimpanzees 24, Flamingos 18, Ostrich 36, Warthogs 36, Pangolin 3, Anteater 3, Lions 48, Cheetah 3, Leopard 3, Hyenas 24, Croc-o-gators 48.  

Will be adding African Cape Buffalo once the commissioned sculpts are complete and cast - and you too will be able to order these if you like!  Probably add 96 of them - plus some 'dead' as killed by predators.  

Not counting the still to add buffalo, I have 636 animals already in my collection with a whole lot of painting still to do.

A couple of things still hoped for and on the hunt - vultures to annoy the predators at their kill.  And I'd really like to find some figures to create a troop of baboons.   If I can find better chimpanzees I'd happily change out what I have.  Always hoping for more gazelle's or antelopes to add some variety.  Perhaps as the budget permits I'll commission some of the missing creatures.  Too soon to know; first have to get through the first commission.  

Once all of this is painted and based it will be a pretty stupendous collection, at least 250 bases of three animals per base to 'decorate' my African games.

And, yes, plenty of people, too, to go with Africa - eventually to be found under the Slightly Cracked Colonial tab.

February 22, 2015

So, a somewhat late update, but last year I found two packs that had 'gone missing' from an order from Musket Miniatures which they'd made good when I couldn't find them.  Somehow -and who knows how - they'd stuck inside a bag of stuff for my wife's crochet and/or jewelry making hobby and I found them months later as I was about to toss the bag in the garbage.  Two seconds later and they would have been lost in the trash!  And, since I try to be a stand up guy, I let Musket know and had them bill me for the figures and the post for the replacement.  So, now I have even more beavers for my FIW and Mountain Man collections.

Keep an eye out for new additions to the Africa collection.  Hopefully sooner than later.    Current target is to have 720 animals for my Africa setup.  Have 500 plus of those critters already. 

My great hunt at the moment is for antelopes and gazelles and chimps and baboons.  For the  'ungulates', what I want most are Thompson's gazelles, impalas, wildebeests (actual as opposed to my reasonable stand-ins in a photo below), sable antelopes (though I have a reasonable stand-in herd), cape buffalo!!!, and greater kudus.

May 26, 2014

Just a quick note that I've added a dozen beavers - added two more packs when I sent off an order to Musket Miniatures to round out my now complete American Revolution collection (less painting, of course).

January 29, 2013

Busy couple of weeks getting new windows in the house and with other distractions but I forced myself to get some photos up tonight of the Musket Miniatures animals.  As you are about to see, I haven't done any work on the castings - and the photos aren't great.  But at least you can see how they compare in size to Blue Moon's Texas War of Independence figures.  Again, I will be using these for Mountain Man gaming.

 These are the bighorn sheep, male on the far right.
And here, on the left, are the moose and, on the right, are the elk.  Pretty big but I'm going to use them anyway.
 What the mountain men were all about - the beavers.
 The prairie dogs.
 Something I've wanted for a while, coyotes.  Note the one on the lower right, a smaller critter!
 Coyotes need to eat so rabbits and bunnies.
 And those lovely little varmints: a skunk, a raccoon, a fox, and four squirrels (still on 'sprues').  I bought three sets of these.
And, last, three dogs and three cats.

I've made these the largest possible images so those interested can get a better view of these animals.  Looking forward to prepping and painting them.  A powerful word to the wise - don't hold your breath waiting for me to do that!

If you click on one of the photos you will get a larger version.

The birds are staying on the sprues for now and no photos yet.

January 14, 2013

Only got them today and haven't had time to work on them so no photos yet.  All of what is listed below is from Musket Miniatures.  Some might quibble that the sculpts aren't the greatest but I think they work just fine.  When I discuss how they work size-wise keep in mind I am comparing them to Blue Moon's 15/18 mm figures so what might work for me and those figures might not work for smaller figures out their - Musket's own 15s or Peter Pigs  - but should be okay with, say, Irregular figures.  Also, remember that Musket markets these as HO and told me, personally in an e-mail response, that they didn't think they'd work for 15 mm.  I chose to use them anyway since no one else makes any of these critters in my chosen scale - at least not that I could find except as noted.

The bull elk and moose and the two female elk and two female moose are definitely on the large size but since they will be on a stand together and hanging out in the woods and not right next to a human figure they'll still enhance the table.  Oh, a reminder, the main reason for the figures is to 'decorate' mountain man scenarios.  Should also be useful in French and Indian War games among others.

Same story with the bighorn sheep ram and two ewes.  However, since they are smaller animals their oversize won't be as noticeable as the elk and moose (by the way, I do have some elk from Splintered Light that are closer in scale).

The half dozen prairie dogs and their three mounds are small enough to work just fine, take a zoologist to know the size difference I'm guessing.  Whoever sculpted them did a good job because they look like prairie dogs and come in a couple of different poses.

The pair of eagles, one perched, one flying, are nice jobs - plus a nest with a couple of eggs.  Going to have to come up with a way to put that flying eagle to use - scare the heck out of those poor little prairie dogs.

The dozen ducks I'll likely divide in half and make one group domestic and the other wild.  Have to decide what specie for the un-tame water fowl.

They'll have to keep a sharp eye out for the half dozen coyote which size out just fine against a man.

Those half dozen beavers, of course, only need to head for their den; these, too, come in a couple of different poses.

And the dozen pigeons can just fly away.  Not so the rabbits and bunnies (package says 8 but I got a dozen (maybe a reward for being complementary to a range I like despite all the "advances" in contemporary sculpting).  Or, it could be 8 rabbits and the other 4 are the 'bunnies.'  Hossenfeffer on the paw!

Now, the dog and two puppies look more like a large male dog, a smaller female dog, and a yearling pup - and that's just fine.  I already have quite a few dogs - though no pups.  What I did not have was any cats (not counting those larger felines with stripes and manes and such!).  They definitely work as a momma kitty and her two kittens.  Now, are they feral or lap kitties?

Like the eagle, I'll have to get creative to get the half dozen flying seagulls up in the sky; not so much a challenge with the ten standing birds.  Or, do I try and to paint these up as some kind of vulture?  Something to think about - but Mick Yarrow makes vultures if I decide to order some.

Which brings us to the last three packs - the 'varmints.'  I'm not quite sure just how those little animals feel about being referred to in so undignified a manner!  Each pack comes with one fox, one skunk, one racoon, and four squirrels - the last in a couple of different poses.

Gentlemen, it is time to turn your imagination to how these animals can be used in a game.  One that comes to mind for me is anyone skulking about near a tree with a squirrel in it is likely to be scolded and give away his position.  And I'll bet we can all come up with ways to use those skunks!  Humorous or otherwise.

December 27, 2012

Clearly, there is still work to be done on the bases but here are some photos of my African animals in process.  Many, many more on the way.  I know those who play with larger toys are content with a few beasts but I just need more to be able to say "herd" and "Africa."  Animals from a variety of sources.  150 critters in the photos below!

Full Elephant Herd



Water Buffalo
Won't win any prizes for the paint jobs but they work well enough to enhance any game they participate in.  And isn't that enough, really?

scroll up for most current post to this page (original post in 2012)

You do know it's bad form to stand behind a male rhino in a bad mood, right?  If you don't know why then you should do some research.  Meanwhile, is that giraffe eating your hat?

I may be the only gamer on the planet with several hundred head of cattle, more if you count the Wildybeasties for Africa:  I have long horns, and Zulu cattle, herefords and black baldies, highland hairies and aurochs, and a couple of herds of dairy cattle (one of which is known as the Snooty Moos).

I just wish I could find more wild animals in 15 mm.  There are some, but not enough.  Maybe this is my most eccentric element within the greater gaming community, my penchant for beasts, domestic and wild. Not so much into those flights of fancy from the fantasy world, I prefer to confine my fantasies within the framework of history.  Well, okay, I have other fantasies - but those are none of your business!

Now, back to those cows for a moment.  I have one of the most famous of all cows from all times, if not the single most famous (sorry, Blue the Ox, time to move over).  And that would be - A. Bunga.  Yo, dude.

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