Vicky's H.A.G. (1)

As in Victorian Historical Adventure Games, which has elements that my Slighlty Cracked Colonials found on the Steeplechase page doesn't.  This will include stuff from the period of the Indian Mutiny, or there abouts, right up until the end of prohibition, or there abouts.  Here you might find early and extremely unreliable motorized technology - steam traction, aeroplanes, submersible devices.  Sort of a mash-up of Victorian Science Fiction, Steampunk, and Pulp rolled around in my precarious imagination.  And, yes, THE Major General gets a lot of the blame here.  As in Major General Remorden Reddering for those in the know.  And, as always, I'm sticking with my 15 mm figures now that several companies now have items suitable.  Some companies to mention:

Rebel Minis, Splintered Light, Khurasan, Highland Studios, and Blue Moon.  Also, Black Hat across the pond.  As I discover more, I will note them here.

One element that will dominate here are Characters.  As in little metal people who will be very, very hard to kill because they are intended to be around through a LOT of games over the years.

So, probably not dinosaurs but maybe ice age critters.  No ray guns but maybe some sort of armored beast.  Almost certainly gangsters somewhere along the way.  Really need to find more aircrew types suitable for the era.  And naval figures.  I wonder if Bob Murch would take it amiss if he were kidnapped with no possibilty of release until such time as he sculpts up a bunch of 15 mm figures suitable?  Hmm, that just might be a good start for an early game.  I wonder what he looks like so as to find a suitable miniature?

I do hope that poor, dear old dame isn't rolling around in her grave at being called Vicky.

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