Monday, June 4, 2018

For fun and possible frustration (?)

Frustration for those who want to know but don't, perhaps.  What is this?:

Now, I wasn't interested in this but the much older equipment that was steam powered.  I just thought the Pulponauts here on LAF would like to see this little beauty.  And, why, if properly tempted and given adequate time, I might be able to post additional shots of 'cool stuff'.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Buildings, Lots of Them, and Ruined Ones, Too!

There are twenty-five building models in the shot below, not counting the gates in the walls - or the walls.  The two in the lower right will be used up on top of the Tartar Wall, they are the smallest ones.  There are a lot of duplicates but paint should make it hard to tell once in a game.
 I think there are 21 ruins in the shot below but it might be 17.  Whichever number, I'm hoping that is enough to represent the damage in the legation quarter.
For certain, one walled compound will represent Prince Su's Palace (the Fu).  I might use the other in a different configuration(s?) to represent part of the Imperial Palace - maybe two 'half' compounds.  

With the six legations I've acquired, the Tartar Wall to be built, and the stand-in for the Pekin Hotel, I think it will be pretty impressive to look at.  One day.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

New Arrivals

So, received my latest order today - added in some structures for my FIW native villages and some more villagers and a Conestoga wagon just 'cuz.  Bought in the Blue Moon 15/18 mm Old West buildings, all of them.  They are Very Big and have lots of extra detail.  Won't really work with other manufactures products so it will be a 'stand alone' town I'm guessing.  Had been hoping to mix in with Peter Pig and Stone Mountain Old West buildings but not sure they'd work well together.  No matter, it will make a good size town - in numbers and physical size (heck, could easily use for 20 mm figures).

And the big influx was a whole bunch more structures for my Boxer Rebellion setup.  Only added one 'European' building for the British legation.  Got a whole bunch more ruins in various sizes.  And then lots of Chinese buildings, most of them I bought two of each.  My plan is to paint them in groups, green roofs, red roofs, yellow roofs, blue roofs.  Doing this partly to help with setup.  But also to disguise, a little bit, the duplications.  I also plan to paint each group with a slightly different base wall color, though I expect all will be some variation of off-white.

The big question is this: will I be buying more?  And, again, it depends on what gets made - a horse drawn hearse?  Yes.  More animals for the plains of Africa?  If I don't have them or I like them better than what I already have (even if painted), heck yeah - especially gazelles.  (Oh, baboons are now covered courtesy of a friend with a 3D printer, very cool.)  Old West chain gang.  Yup.  German East Africa?  Definite maybe.  A beautifully sculpted and complete range of Napoleonic figures?  Nope.  Hard to know for certain but, unless something fits within my existing collections, I can't really justify adding anything else.  So, I might be done!  We'll see.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

E-Friending Some Photos

Below are some photos of a 15 mm building from MBA and then, finally, a comparison with a Blue Moon building from the Boxer range.
This is the main building interior, bottom level - note the stairs on the left.
This is the second floor in place with the stairs up to the attic.
And here is the attic floor which has warped a bit in storage so I've flipped it when putting it back in storage to see if it levels out.
And here is the roof without the cupola in place.
And here it is in place.
And, ta da, the building itself - note the little finial piece missing on the right which I have but need to glue back on.
And the real reason for all these photos - a comparison between the building on the left which comes prepainted from Miniature Building Authority (while supplies last I guess because they've announced they are leaving the 15 mm world) next to one of the buildings from the British Legation from Blue Moon and Old Glory25s.  That little ball on the tabletop is the missing piece mentioned above, carefully stashed back inside before putting things away after snapping the photos with the old iPhone.

I've posted the photos the way I did so people will be aware of the interior.  I may use this to represent the Hotel d'Peking in my developing Boxer Rebellion game.  And I must credit Richard G. of War in 15 mm fame for the idea.

Before ever putting this piece in a game - I guarantee - I will securely glue the cupola to the roof or too much chance of a fall and breakage.  This will also be my Musketeer headquarters building for games from an earlier time frame and a couple continents west of Peking, more or less.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Bought this bit of fake fur a few months ago and now wondering how to best put it to gaming use.
 Here it is in the "plain".
And here it is with piece of 'flavor' terrain in process (temporarily sprayed green for a game last year).

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Bridger's Stockade

I promised someone I'd upload these photos and I finally transferred them from my iPad to my Mac so now I can post them here.
 The benches are for interpretive events.
The fur press.
A shed full of supplies.
 I hope you can read the sign!
 A reconstruction, actual buildings have much neater and cleaner clinking.
A bit of sun's rays and a jaw bone and some bones.  Maybe it was a sacred 'cow'.
I made the sign as large as I could to help with reading for those so inclined.

Friday, April 20, 2018

An update on the Unified Field Theory (UFT)

An overall shot covering most of the 4' x 9' of the total 4' x 12' playing surface.  That is a piece of brown marine vinyl under the pieces.
 Some 'blonde' grass on temporarily green painted bases - 16 pieces.
 Then the 'tall' green grass, some on finished pieces and some in process with only the sand glued on - 12 total pieces.
 The 30 blank pieces that have just been spray painted brown, probably will give a a couple or a few colors of fake fur added.  Very likely I will add some additional pieces, at least six, so that there are no fewer than 12 pieces for any 'flavor'.
 This is the late spring or summer grass, the farthest from the camera finished and the closer ones just with the green spray paint (rushed into service for a game last year, maybe even longer than that), 16 pieces.
 This would be the late summer into fall grass, 16 pieces.
 This is the 'tall' brown grass, 12 pieces.
Eventually, all of the pieces will be textured like this one with my 8 colors of paint layered on.  Blends pretty well with any season (winter is not a season in my gaming world!).

I welcome ideas for elements I can add to increase the diversity of my flavoring pieces.  Just remember, this is for use with my collection which is all 15 or 18 mm figures and stops circa 1900 and doesn't really get into ancient times - oldest are Vikings, newest are Boxers, might extend to WWI German East Africa.