Dumas' Musketeers (4)

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Young hand maidens and young men of ambition, old men of accomplishment and not quite older women of 'experience' all jostle about in search of adventures, some in close quarters and others in the open road. And all with the clash of sword and the duel of pistol, with wide brimmed hats bedecked with flowing feathers.  Ah, the land of Dumas - sex and violence on every page.
Under a Blue Moon the saga grows and soon the table will be a very active place.  Will need some shapely young lasses molded well in metal to make this work the way I envision it all.  One must, afterall, be true to the original Alexander created!

July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, America!  And color me happy - Blue Moon has posted up the beginnings of their Musketeer range: http://bluemoonmanufacturing.com/index.php?cat_id=101

Can an order be far behind?  You bet it can.  But will wait for the crowd pack to be available.  Not sure if they will offer more than this but this is enough to have a fun game - and love that crowd pack, at least the part seen in the photo.  Can only imagine what else might be in there.

October 1, 2012

Well, long time no update here.  However, I've had most of the figures for this for a couple of months now.  Would have all of them but I made an oops in the follow on order - or mislaid one pack somewhere which I'm convinced I did but darned if I can find it.  This follows the fine folks at Blue Moon/Old Glory fixing an omission.  But since I missed - or mislaid - I'll suck up and acquire the one needed pack at my expense with my next order.

December 14, 2012

I seem to be in a bloggy sort of mood the last couple of days so I'm going to add the list for this period here today.  And keep in mind, my plan is to base all of my figures throughout all of my collection in threes.  That might upset some, especially for this era, but that's how I want it to be.  Eventually, I'll have a core set of rules with flavor enhancements that I'll use for everything.  So, with that reminder, here goes:

The heros: Athos, Porthos, Aramis, D'artagnan, and Planchet (yes, he's a hero for this variation) all get both a mounted and a dismounted version and, of course, in both variants they are accompanied by two others, mounted or dismounted as appropriate.

The villains: being the cardinals guard, also get five stands of mounted figures and five matching stands of dismounts.

Other mounted: three highway men and their matching dismounts.

For those counting, that adds up to thirty-three mounted figures with matching dismounts (11 + 11 bases).

There are also two more stands, or six figures, of highwaymen.

And to provide reinforcements to the musketeers and the cardinal's guard, I have another thirty foot figures, half to be in musketeer blue and half to be in cardinal red.

And, of course, there is Richelieu himself in company with Rochefort and a masked executioner, all dismounted.  M'Lady DeWinter makes her required appearance along with a couple of courtly courtesans.  Also, for when the occasion requires, a stand with the executioner and 'two' women waiting for their beheadings.  (we'll just call the second one M'Lady's lady-in-waiting, in more ways than one).

It wouldn't be right to leave those highwaymen with nothing to way-lay on the highway, so I have both of Blue Moon's version of the coach, standing and in motion.  That adds up to six men and four women and eight horses (but not planning on both groups on table at the same time - and do I paint them to match or different??? probably different to be able to represent two coaches, but we'll see).

To accord with the age, I've assigned a dozen figures to being duelists - or assassins perhaps, so four stands there.

Me being me, I need to have civilians roaming about and some are from the higher strata of society and some of lesser standing, a dozen men and a dozen women for each level so forty-eight in total.  Yes, there might be a king and queen in there somewhere.  Maybe.

And that's it, if I counted it right that's 224 pieces (men, women, horses, and the two coaches) all there is or all that is planned (one pack for above is on order).  This is my smallest collection of figures, by quite a margin.  Oh, if only I'd exercised greater restraint in other areas!  Ah, well, I enjoyed the collecting and now I can enjoy the "deconstructing" down to manageable levels - my kind of manageable.

The nice thing about being essentially done with acquiring figures is now I can focus on the needed architecture.  What?  Oh, yes, and painting.

March 10, 2013

It took some time, but that last pack on order finally arrived at the local hobby shop.  Now, I really do have those 224 pieces.  Feels good.  Budget permitting -- and some needed time passing -- I currently plan to contract out painting all of these figures.  It's a small enough collection so it shouldn't break the bank to do so.  The only possible fly in the ointment is if my chosen painter opts out or I opt in sooner than he is available to paint them.

Finding suitable architecture is proving quite a challenge and I just don't see myself scratchbuilding a variation of Notre Dame, the Bastille maybe but not the cathedral.  Until I sort that out, I can always do lots of rural scenarios.  Though I'll need to add a windmill to my collection to do it right.

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