Monday, August 27, 2012

War whoops!

Well, not yet, but a few photos in the French and Indian War page on some recently completed terrain.  Photo does show a need to use some dull cote to tame the sheen.  Enjoy.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


It took until yesterday until the figures made it into my hands but worth the wait.  I now have the last of my French and Indian War figures - the native villagers and the civilians from Blue Moon.  And from the same firm, a half dozen native huts and long houses to create a couple of villages.  Got a couple of buildings - something I will be getting a lot more of from same company.

And almost all of my Musketeer figures arrived.  A bit of an oops that is being remedied and once those arrive I will have them all.  Nice!  And many of these figures will have a variety of uses in other areas - things like the coaches and the civilian figures, especially the women.  Imaginations for certain.

Some more tents to round off my Robin Hood and Viking era setup.  And then there are some very nice barriers - meant for the Texas War of Independence (the Alamo) but quite useful in other ways.  And speaking of those TWI figures - MOUNTAIN MEN!  Yes, I can sort out at least two dozen figures that will work.  Now I just need some appropriate native figures to tumble into the mix!  And beasties, too.

Then there is the cavalcade - of wagons to add to my old west and, maybe, see some use in ACW actions.  And another set of Blue Moons wild west furnishings for inside buildings - really cool stuff there, the sort of things to make those who play with larger figures jealous.  I love it when that happens after all those years of us 15 mm folk feeling that way!

There may be more that I can't recall since my brain is tired but one little tidbit for you to consider - maybe by the end of the year there just might be some figures toting tommy guns and wearing fedoras climbing in and out of vintage conveyances.  Did I say anything about prohibition?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's too long...

To wait.  By this hour tomorrow, if all goes well, I'll have a nice little package full of figures from Old Glory/Blue Moon and that much closer to having all the figures I'll need - not all, but much closer.  Go on, admit it, you know that feeling of excitement and anticipation, like a kid at a certain season.  Yup, I'm there.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Yee gads! Is that an actual photograph?

Why, yes, kind sirs and others, it is indeed an actual image.  Not new.  But new here.  This is a shot of my herd of buffalo - and while the photo has been retouched (badly) every buffalo you see is an actual model.  Clearly, of course, there is still work to be done on texturing those bases.  (sneaking back in to note that there are thirty-eight bases with three beasts per base, that's 114 critters folks!)

Don't have time at present to add more but I wanted to give some evidence that there will be images here.  Well, maybe not right here on this part of the blog - but there will be many more over time.  Can't promise I won't move them around.  And maybe even delete one here and there as the need or the mood strikes me.

I must say, I hate it when those poltergeists show up in the backgrounds of my photos.  AWAY, you nasty demons!  Or whatever you are.