Mountain Men (3)

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Decenber 22, 2012

This tab got added and another sent off into temporary oblivion (Sinisbad and Toboggan - the imagination page).  This will, of necessity, be a bit of a make-do collection of figures to achieve my goal.

There were two things that lead me to follow this path.  The first was the release of the 15/18mm Texan range from Blue Moon Manufacturing and the second was finding that Musket Miniatures has a range of wild animals (designed for HO so perhaps a little larger than desired but hopefully workable).  And the one item that really cemented it for me was the latter company having beavers - that was what those fur wrapped gents penetrated the mountains in search of after all.

Blue Moon's figures are workable, at least the ones on foot, for a variety of mountain men.  The mounted ones ought to work as well.  The bigger challenge will be in selecting appropriate indian figures to supplement what I already have.

Of course, this can be an excellent solo setup with no need of an opponent - either for me or the little men on the playing table, unless you count the elements and various and sundry beasties.  I have bears, need to find a mountain lion.  Will have to zip over to Musket Miniatures to check out if they have one or not.

January 15, 2013

I made a comment on the main posting page about awaiting the last purchase to complete the planned collections.  Well, I guess we'll have to call this collection a serendipitous one since it wasn't really planned - though hoped for in a casual way over the years - and didn't exist until I saw the Blue Moon figures mentioned above.  At some point, don't know when, I'll get at least one pack of their mounted figures to match up with my 36 foot figures for this period.  And if you swing over to the zoologicals page you'll see I now have the Musket animals.  They didn't have any mountain lions so I'm still looking for those and it would be fun to come across some possums but I can live without them.

Between the new arrivals, the buffalo, the not yet painted herd of pronghorn antelope, and a bunch of TT scale animals suitable for my goals, I will have quite a respectable number of animals adding to the "ambiance" of the mountainous west.

And I'm still hunting for the most suitable Indian figures to match up to those mighty men.  Now I'm off to do a quick search for rules before slumberville.

March 14, 2013

After some searching and consideration, and rewatching Jeremiah Johnson, I've decided to stick with Blue Moon Manufacturing for completing this collection.  Not sure when the order will go out but I've already noted what packs to buy.  More when I have more time.

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