Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I been thinkin'

As I often mention here, I have way more figures than I should have.  While I know the main culprit is myself, I can also point to being the 'poor kid' who grew up doing without getting to a place where he good 'do with'.  But I've been contemplating a somewhat different thought recently.  In both my model railroading world and this world, I started collecting in earnest - and in excess - during the go-go 90s.  There is plenty of evidence many in this hobby collected well beyond not only what we need but what we are ever likely to actually use.  So, now I wonder if I was simply a 'victim' of a mindset prevalent during that time and that is what led me to have what I do now?  Don't really know but I rather think that is at least an important element.  Of course, I was a very willing 'victim'.  The great question: now what to do with the excess?  The big difference between what I have in this hobby versus the model railroading world is one has a fire sale mentality and the other a collector's mindset.  Care to guess which goes with what?

Monday, November 4, 2013

Photos from ConQuest Avalon 2013

Okay, fair warning, I took 177 photos and loaded them on this blog.  Not to worry, I'm sure I'll delete a few before I post.  But there will still be a lot of photos.  And if there just happen to be more of mine than anyone else's, well, it is my blog.  But there are plenty of games put on by others.

First up is some Napoleonics in 15mm.  See the card below for details.  Speaking of those cards, I tried to make sure and get a photo of every game card to make it easier to identify.  However, sometimes I went back to take additional photos - I leave it up to you to determine which photos go to which game. Think of it as an adventure.

The game below was done when I arrived on Friday - and provided the cards used in the game above because the game master found himself short of the cards (left at home?!).

I'm not into fantasy but this was a cool looking game where the game master really put a lot of effort into setting up.  Too bad he didn't get any players.  But he did entertain my eyes so all was not lost, Ed.

 The game below has one very special element - the man who ran it has a wife who enjoys his hobby - and plays!  Though she's a bit busy these days with a happy little future gamer.

Man, what is it with zombies?  I think its weird but they sure are popular.  But what do I know?  Players galore having fun.  Isn't that what really matters?

 Please do not adjust your computer screen.  What you are seeing - isn't the twilight zone.  Those are 3mm figures.

 There's that zombie game again.

 Another game outside of history - street gangs.  Hey, has Hollywood invaded the hobby?

 This game was set up to pit French and British against each other and pirates.  And, yes, this was one of my two pirate games.

 Fantasy was joined by science fiction games alongside all the history - and some pseudo-history.

There was also a Saga tournament - that needed more players, or at least more players to remember to bring along their armies.  Does this mean Chris won the tournament?

 More Nappies, this time one fifth the size of the 15 mm figures seen above.

 Below, Dust was the rules but World War Two historical was the setting.  I think.

Cover your younger children's eyes for this.  Apparently Santa has a rather darker side than most of us realize.

This was in the miniature room and did have some plastic 'figures' but sort of looked like a board game to my eyes.  Again, what do I know?

 Um, scratching my head...oh, wait, I believe that is the Bad Santa game!
 Saga tables again.

 Man, was the terrain for this game super realistic below!

Wait, those three above are actually of the lake inside the hotel.  But maybe someone can come up with a came and use those paddle boats!

Below is more World War II on some truly nice terrain - and in a larger scale.  The photos do not do justice to the terrain - 3d sculpted.

 The SAGA continues...

 Here piggy, piggy, piggy.  I love animals in games.
 More 3 MM with some nicely adapted terrain.

 If you can, enlarge this one to get a better sense of who is having who for lunch.

Have you ever seen anyone so happy after being knocked out of a game.  No, he didn't get sunk - he sailed away to live to fight another day.
I never did ask Joe if this was supposed to be on Mars - but it was a John Carter, or Barsoomian game so I'm betting it was.

 An action shot from the pirate game.
 My favorite period but I couldn't play because I was running the pirate game.  Very nice figures.

 Looks like Star Wars - I think this was a pickup game.

 The gangs returned!

 The battles at sea ended when the British boarded the last surviving pirate ship and won the melee.

 More Barsoomian imagery.

 I guess this time I got the game card in the right place to explain the following photographs.  Well, well.

 I'm pretty sure Spartacus' revolting slaves didn't fall out of the sky...

A much later revolt.
Back to the cool terrain.

 Someone wasn't very happy about this moment.
 You are all instructed to get out your books and look up the details on this ACW game.

 The confederates won  - and I need to send Pete a bill for renting my blanket! : )
 A D-Day game in 6 mm.

 I didn't get a report about whether the Champs made it to Vau or not.

 And even more zombies.  Check below for a street view of a few of the undead.

 This one had a lot of airplanes.

 I came prepared with 1,500 piraty figures for this game - only ended up using about 500.

 A modern Africa game - and river that looks strangely familiar to me.  And, yes, Mike, you are in trouble for not storing it properly.  I'll let you know what your penance is.
Those six units in the square below are one command and those isolated stands are the women and children who were the objective of the pirates' Comfort and Joy raid.  Hey, the kids were only for powder monkeys and scullery maids.  Keep those minds slightly clean!

 A governor holding council.

 Must adjust the artillery rules - way, way too strong.

 That is a crowded street.  Dare you to walk amongst those...things.

 Time for a Nap?

 A pack of pachyderms!

Someone washed all the color out of this shot - flash and fluorescent can give some weird results sometimes.
And we'll end with some pure self indulgence.  I just wanted to see these on the table.  The water, by the way, is from the Lemax holiday range.
b'da, b'da, b'dats all folks.