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There be galleons loaded with treasure that will never see Spain again and men in bright colors who will cavort with dusky maids upon the shores of far Madagascar.  Meanwhile, a drunken captain stumbles upon deck, a disheveled companion in the doorway behind, and bellows out, "Beat to quarters you lubbers.  See you not the sail on the horizon.  Quick and quiet men, we must over take her and unladen her for we are out of rum!"  At that, the men leap to action, guns are loaded, cutlasses distributed.  The blood will run 'ere this day's sun sinks beyond the western horizon.
Here be one adventure already in full sail.

May 16, 2012
Okay, so technically, I'm not posting any photographs here today.  But I am posting a link that shows a lot of photographs of my pirate collection and the creation of the scenery to go along with it.  It can be seen at this other blog:  Pretty Piratty Pictures

December 29, 2012

Having made no decision yet, I've been contemplating what to do with my pirate collection now that it is, mostly, complete.  It is possible I may reduce it in overall size at some point.  But certainly not before I have a few land based games.  And it is highly likely I will keep all of the civilian figures and any figures that might work for an Imagination (even though I currently have that off in purgatory).  Those civilians can be used for other periods, French and Indian War and American War of Independence.

One thought I am giving greater consideration to is downsizing to much smaller ships, 1/450th scale from Peter Pig being most likely, and creating a much larger sea for them to sail around on (same cloth and smaller islands already owned - smaller size of ships meaning bigger seascape).  Even if I do this, I will keep some of the ships for use with other periods - and even this one.

One cool part about this hobby is that it is always dynamic (except for the diorama builders who aren't building any new ones).  We acquire and paint and play, then sell and regret, and then buy some more ad nauseum.  Nauseum?  Well, maybe not.

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