Thursday, November 29, 2012

Getting over it.

As in getting over that slump in the previous post.  I've pulled out some old issues of hobby magazines and, like a familiar friend, they've helped to get me back on the right track hobbywise.  Still not planning to add new figures for the time being, beside the planned ones.  Will be a bit of a wait for the one pack I've ordered that completes one collection.  And it will certainly be after the holidays before I order those other two packs that will finish off the last "planned" collection.  And I'm nostril deep in my model railroading universe for a while.  And until that gets resolved, there isn't likely to be any painting of figures going on.  But there is a schedule change at work that takes place in January that will permit me more time to focus on getting things done - or so I hope.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Enthusiasm, Wax, and Phases of the Moon

How'd the poor old moon get dragged into this?  Well, it wanes.  Some times I am enthusiastic about this hobby and sometimes that enthusiasm ebbs.  Recently - and I can thank a Thoroughly Muddled Prat for this - I've found it on the waning side of the equation.  And that's okay.  I'm sure I'll get the carnuba out eventually and polish things up a bit.  In between now and then, I find myself focused on my other hobby of model railroading.  The nice thing about that hobby is it can be enjoyed without the interference of others.  I can just merrily go about building my own little world to the best of my ability with no need to find an opponent.  Indeed, in that world, it's not about opponents at all but about finding people of like mind - one heck of a challenge when you consider the number of different scales (familiar?), the different eras, and all the different railroads.  And if I don't find a like mind, I just keep on building and enjoying.  It has the advantage of offering a completely solitary and fulfilling activity.  Or, it can offer plenty of social interaction - even with those not of a like mind but just a genial approach to the hobby.  We can certainly learn a lot from that mind set in our hobby.  Sure, lots of congenial friendships in ours but also way too many strident voices and really annoying individuals.  (Do hope I'm not in the latter category for too many folks!)

By the way, my interests in that hobby focus on the Pacific northwest in the 1920's in N scale.

Despite that one annoying individual and a few sad supporters of same, I really suspect my funk may stem from a different source entirely.  It may be that it is because I have very few packs of figures to order to be able to say I've collected all the figures I could ever need or want.  Sure, there may be the odd figure to come along.  But, really, with one pack recently ordered and two to be ordered soon (hopefully), I can truly say my planned collection is complete.  If I move forward with mountain men that might change a bit.  And there is the pending range from Blue Moon for gangsters which I might delve into, might not.  And I've more or less given up on finding a good range for German East Africa - not the hope, just don't think it will happen.

Okay, that might be the source - but no question the catalyst was a loud mouthed individual easily mistaken for a burro by another name.  If I were to abandon this hobby that is sure one part of it I would not miss.

No, no, not planning on any abandonments.  Just thought I'd rant a bit.  There is a silver lining to this.  A certain place I was spending (wasting?) too much time in has been relegated to a low down also ran place to visit.  And, naturally, the fault there is all mine; not like anyone was coercing me to spend time there.

Up early tomorrow so time to go (actually, well past time).

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Return of the Terrainiac

Below are some photos of the terrain I am working on for the club's next project - something called Dust Tactics, a World War Two alternative of some sort with a sci-fi component.  Not really my thing but one must contribute so I signed up to help out with the terrain.  These are just shots of the terrain in the rough.  A bunch of tree bases being coated with sand, a ridge line, and a river, only part of which will be used in the game - the balance allow the river to have varying configurations for other games in the future.
Above are the base boards for the river and ridge line all cut out and laid out.  From one end to the other it allows 18' of river and ridge line.  The ridge line is the T at the far end.
 A slightly closer in view that shows the two confluences designed into the system.  The closer one on the left has the extra one foot extender that allows the system to be either dead center on a five foot wide table or offset to left or right on a six foot table (the extender will be 'flow neutral').
This shot, above, shows the ridge line with options.  It can be a simple three piece ridge five feet wide or it can extend to six feet or be used by itself with the short add on piece (by itself above) and the two end pieces.  Then it becomes about a seven foot long ridge and can be placed at an angle or right down the center of a table.  That piece just below the ridge line is for an "artesian well" where the river gets its start.  Also, below the next piece (an island in the river) is an 8" section, there are three of these, one of which will be a ford.
 This is a reverse shot of the river and ridge.  And I will note here that the river has two curves in it, two pieces each that need to be used together.  So, the river can have confluences, fords, an island, curves, and even some straight sections.
 The above shot is of the 36 tree bases, includes six sets of "jig saw" bases designed to be used together but can also be separated and 9 independent pieces.  Need a long forest?  It's available.  Can put together quite a variety of forests with that set up.
 And this shot shows the baseboards selected for Mike's game, the Dust Tactics.
 And speaking of that 'devil', there he is with those pieces with the insulating foam glued on and the river sections carved out.  The ridge is just blocked in for now.  We had a time deadline of having this ready for a play test this weekend.   Once the play test is over, the river and ridge come back to me for completion prior to the first of the many outings Mike has planned for this convention game - four or more.
 Just a different angle.
And, last, a reverse shot where you can see the "blocky" ridge.  It will be a very different affair once I'm done with it.  As will the river, for that matter, since only the inner edge of the river has been sculpted so far.  Plus there's all those other pieces to bring into the mix.  Tempest fugit.

So, no, I've not abandoned the blog.  Just busy in other directions.  And may not be posting again until after the holidays - but you never know.