American Revolution (11/1)

Red coats and blue, green coats and brown, British and Colonial, French and German, small battles and large - and all in the cause of "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Dames."  (Thank you Frank & Ernest)

February 23, 2017

Well, I got back to tabulating this collection after some additions courtesy of some releases from Peter Pig and a re-release of some Stone Mountain AWI figures.  And here is the new tally: 3,312 infantry with 200 casualty figures; 240 cavalry (as below post on the 20th) with 20 casualty figures ; 97 mounted command figures and 97 horses with 97 foot figures (one of whom is a woman) - no casualty figures; 192 artillery crewmen including 16 'extras' and 44 artillery pieces and 16 limbers with 16 horses and 16 men with 51 casualty figures (which means a few extra); the two scout units work out having 24 men and 12 horses and 2 casualty figures; the pioneers and corps of invalids total 30 men and 2 casualty figures; and finally there are 99 civilians (31 women) and 12 horses with 5 casualty figures. 

So 4,071 men and 32 women plus the 271 dismounted men, 402 horses, 56 pieces of equipment, and 271 dead.  That all adds up to 5,103 pieces.  So, over 5,000 after all.  And here's the real rub - I might choose to add more figures but if I do they will just be casualty figures for the command but maybe not.  What is more likely is that I might replace a lot of the artillery pieces with better models since too many of them were 'catch-as-catch-can' purchases and maybe add guns for those 16 extra crewmen so 4 more guns.  Only time will tell.

Besides all of the cavalry, the limbers, the extra artillery crews, the scouts, the pioneers and invalids, and the civilians are all primed and ready for paint - that's 245 figures.  And that means that over 1,000 of the total are already in process.  Only a tiny bit below 80% to go.  Level bayonets, at the quick step...charge!

February 20, 2017

At long last, I've started working on this collection.  All 20 cavalry regiments are prepped and primed for painting and all of the men have their base skin tones applied already, next will be a wash on the skin tones and then the base colors on the horses.  Works out at 531 men and 269 horses - the odd numbers come with the horse holders, 31 men, 29 horses; 20 of the men are dead/casualty figures.  There are 240 mounted men and 240 dismounted men.  Even though I will be using horse holders - something that changed - I won't reduce fighting strength when dismounted (unless there are stand losses within the game or as part of a scenario).

October 9, 2014

Tallies, Somewhat Belated

Imagine being relieved by having fewer figures than you thought?  Yes?  No?  For me, very much yes.  I suspected I had a bit over 5,000 pieces for this collection but it turns out the number is a bit lower.  That means fewer figures to paint!  Oh, what a relief.

So, here it is: 3,940 Men, 16 Women, 360 Horses, 44 Cannons, 240 Men as dismounts for mounted, and 264 Casualty figures for a great and grand total of 4,864.  Life is good.

1800 infantry for the 'good guys' and 1458 foot for the 'imperial horde'.  Imagine that many figures on the table!  Okay, maybe not.  But I will be doing the full battle of Brandywine at some point.

May 23, 2014
The Penultimate "Organizational" Post

Below is the final organizational posting for my American Revolution figure collection - and every thing, save one last pack on order at the local hobby shop, is already awaiting being worked on in my well organized lead mountain.  Sure, there will be some annotations to this post over time as indicated in the notes included.  But this is it:

Additional Regiments:
Grayson-(V,My,D), Hartley-(P,My,D), Jackson-(Mass), Lee-(Mass)
Patton-(P,NJ,D), Sherburne-(RI,C), Spencer-(NJ,P), Webb-(C)    144 men

Extra Regiments:
Green Mountain Boys, 2nd Canadian, German Battalion, Maryland and Virginia Rifle Regiment  72 men

Light Infantry:
1st Brigade - Peter Muhlenberg
Vose’s-1-8 Mass; Gimat’s-9-10 Mass, 1 RI, 1-5 Conn; Barber-1-2 NR, Canada, 1-2 NJ + 3 coys NJ line
2nd Brigade - Moses Hazen
Canadian RegimentScamell-3 coys Conn, 3 coys Mass, 2 coys NH; Hamilton-1-2 NY, 2 coys Conn 108 men

Northern Division
1st Brigade -
New Hampshire, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut
2nd Brigade -
Connecticut, Connecticut, Connecticut, Connecticut
3rd Brigade (at 24 figures each) -
Massachusetts, Massachusetts, Massachusetts, Massachusetts
4th Brigade (at 24 figures each) -
Massachusetts, Massachusetts, Massachusetts, Massachusetts 336 men
Central Division
1st Brigade -
New York, New York, New Jersey, New Jersey
2nd Brigade -
Maryland, Maryland, Maryland, Maryland
3rd Brigade -
Maryland, Pennsylvania Rifles, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania
4th Brigade -
Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania 288 men
Southern Division
1st Brigade (at 24 figures each) -
Virginia, Virginia, Virginia, Virginia
2nd Brigade (standard 18 figure units) -
Virginia, Virginia, Virginia, Virginia
3rd Brigade -
North Carolina, North Caronlina, North Carolina, North Carolina,
4th Brigade -
Delaware, South Carolina(Marion), South Carolina(Sumpter), Georgia(Pickens)312 men
Militia “Division”:
Northern Brigade -
Connecticut Militia, Rhode Island Militia, New Hampshire Militia, Massachusetts Militia
Central Brigade -
New York Militia, New Jersey Militia, Pennsylvania Militia, Maryland Militia
Southern Brigade -
Delaware Militia, Virginia Militia (Morgan’s Rifles), North Carolina Militia-rifles, South Carolina Militia 216 men

Legionary Corps:
Lee’s Legion Foot, Armand’s Legion Foot  36 men

Franco-Spanish Division:
Spanish Brigade
Galvan’s Grenadiers, Louisiana Regiment, Havana Regiment, Louisiana Militia
Elite French Brigade
Grenadiers (Rochamabeau), Grenadiers (St. Simon), Chasseurs, Lauzan’s Lights
Rochambeau’s Brigade
Bourbonnois, Royal Deux-Ponts, Soissonois, Saintogne
St. Simon’s Brigade
Agenois, Gatinois, Touraine, Marines 288 men

Mounted Forces:
Continental -
1st Continental Light Dragoons, 2nd Continental Light Dragoons
3rd Continental Light Dragoons, 4th Continental Light Dragoons
Legionary and Other -
Lee’s Legion Troops, Armand’s Legion Troops
North Carolina Dragoons, Mounted Militia
Washinton’s Life Guard with Von Heer’s Provost Corps, Philadelphia Light Horse
French -
St. Simon’s Dragoons, Lauzan’s Hussars 144 men

24 guns, 24 four man crews
16 Continental, 4 Militia, 4 French  96 men

Corps of Invalids (18 figures - ammo distribution, etc)
Horse Holders (4 men, 8 horses - four bases)
Scouts (12 men, 6 horses - six bases)
Male Camp Followers (15 figures)
Female Camp Followers (15 figures) ....64 men and women, 14 horses
49 men, 15 women, 14 horses

Command Figures:
(50 Generals)

CinC - 4 sets (Mounted officer plus standard bearer on foot)
Washington and three alternates (Greene, Gates, Rochamabeu or Lee(?))

Wing Command - 6 sets (Mounted officer plus musician - drum or fife - on foot)
Allows alternates

Division Command - 10 sets (Mounted officer plus officer on foot)
Six “Divisions” plus allows alternates

Brigade Command - 24 sets (Mounted officer plus soldier ranker on foot)
One per brigade

Cavalry Brigade Command - 6 sets (Mounted officer plus bugler on foot)
One per brigade 99 men, 1 woman, 50 horses (the woman? a mistress for one of the French generals!)

24 guns, 144 dismounts, 144 casualties, 194 horses = 506
Larger continental units (24 figures) represent larger representation from those states
Legionary corps not brigaded - unattached
Continental units not given specific designation in list but will be painted to match specific units and given names at a later date on this list
Named officers will be assigned to all brigades following, within reason, historical figures

This list follows history in general but is meant to allow fun games, either historical or - and more likely - a fictional narrative campaign

Casualties assigned at the rate of one per 18 man unit (2 for 24 man units), one per mounted unit, and one per gun and crew

Unless otherwise noted, all foot units are 18 figures and all mounted units are 12 figures which include matching dismounted figures

Elite British Division:
Guards Brigade -
First Guards with Grenadiers (24 figures), Second Guards with Light Infantry (24 figures)
Grenadiers Brigade -
1st Grenadiers, 2nd Grenadiers
Light Infantry Brigade -
1st Light Infantry, 2nd Light Infantry
First Highland Brigade -
42nd Highlanders, 76th Highlanders (24 figures), Highland Grenadiers
Second Highland Brigade -
1st/71st Battalion, 2nd/71st Battalion, Highland Light Infantry

British Line Division:
1st Brigade -
4th Foot, 5th Fusiliers (24 figures), 23rd Fusiliers (24 figures), 49th Foot
2nd Brigade (2 flags) -
10th Foot, 27th Foot, 28th Foot, 40th Foot
3rd Brigade (2 flags, flopply hats) -
15th Foot, 33rd Foot, 44th Foot, 55th Foot
4th Brigade -
17th Foot, 37th Foot, 46th Foot, 64th Foot

Burgoyne’s Command:
British Advanced Corps -
Grenadiers, Light Infantry, 24th Foot
British Line Brigade (campaign helmets) -
9th Foot, 20th Foot, 21st Fusiliers, 62nd Foot 
German Advanced Corps -
von Breyman’s Grenadiers, von Barner’s Chasseurs, Gersau’s Jaegers
German Line Brigade -
Erbprinz (Hesse Hanau), Specth, Riedesel, Rhetz
Loyalists -
King’s Loyal Americans, Queen’s Loyal Rangers
King’s Royal Regiment of New York, Butler’s Rangers  - both with St. Leger

First German Division:
Jaeger Corps -
1st and 2nd Jaeger Companies (24 figures), 3rd and 4th Jaeger Companies (24 figures)
5th Jaeger Company (12 figures), 6th Jaeger Company (12 figures - Ansbach-Bayreuth)
Mirbach’s Brigade (Trenton) -
von Lossberg Fusiliers, von Knyphausen Fusiliers, von Rall Grenadiers
Donop’s Brigade -
Minnegerode Grenadiers, Von Block Grenadiers, von Linsingen Grenadiers (24)

Second German Division:
Stirn’s Brigade -
von Donop’s Musketeers, von Mirbach Musketeers (24), Erbprinz Fusiliers
Lossberg Brigade -
Prinz Karl Musketeers (24), von Trumbach Musketeers (24), von Ditfurth Fusiliers
Garrison Brigade -
Landgraf Musketeers, von Huyn Garrison Regiment, von Stein Garrison Regiment

Loyalist Division:
1st Brigade -
British Legion Foot, Queen’s Rangers Line, Queen’s Rangers “Flank”, North Carolina Highlanders with Ferguson’s Rifles
2nd Brigade -
1st New Jersey Volunteers, 2nd New Jersey Volunteers, 3rd New Jersey Volunteers, Provincial Light Infantry 
3rd Brigade -
1st DeLancey’s, 2nd DeLancey’s, New York Volunteers, King’s Orange Rangers
4th Brigade -
Prince of Wales Regiment, Volunteers of Ireland, Royal Highland Emigrants, King’s American Rifles

Mounted Forces:
British -
16th Light Dragoons, 17th Light Dragoons, Mounted Highlanders
German -
Mounted Jaegers, Prinz Ludwig’s Dragoons (Brunswick)
Loyalist -
British Legion with Light Dragoon detachment, Queen’s Rangers Dragoons and Hussars, King’s American Dragoons

20 guns, 20 four man crews
12 British, 4 German, 4 Loyalist

Pioneers (12 figures)
Horse Holders (2 men, 4 horses - two bases)
Scouts (12 men, 6 horses - six bases) ....26 men, 10 horses

Command Figures:
(46 Generals)
CinC - 4 sets (Mounted officer plus standard bearer on foot)
Howe and three alternates: Burgoyne, Cornwallis, and Clinton or Heister (Knyphausen?).
Wing Command - 5 sets (Mounted officer plus musician - drum or fife - on foot)
Allows alternates

Division Command - 9 sets (Mounted officer plus officer on foot)
Six “Divisions” plus allows alternates
Brigade Command - 24 sets (Mounted officer plus soldier ranker on foot)
One per brigade

Cavalry Brigade Command - 4 sets (Mounted officer plus bugler on foot)
One per brigade
Facing colors to be added to list at some point
Named officers will be assigned to all brigades following, within reason, historical figures

This list follows history in general but is meant to allow fun games, either historical or - and more likely - a fictional narrative campaign

Casualties assigned at the rate of one per 18 man unit (2 for 24 man units), one per mounted unit, and one per gun and crew

Unless otherwise noted, all foot units are 18 figures and all mounted units are 12 figures which include matching dismounted figures

660 British foot figures 80 gun crew
492 German foot figures 26 other
360 Loyalist foot figures
1,512 Foot figures 46 mounted officers, 46 foot staff

36 British mounted figures
24 German mounted figures
36 Loyalist mounted figures
96 mounted troopers

1,806 British and allied

20 guns, 96 dismounts, 120 casualties, 142 horses = 378 + 1806 = 2184 total pieces

February 25, 2014

One of the joys of this period is the continuing research that enhances knowledge - and then adjusts the collection of figures.  And even after we 'complete' a collection, we can find new figures that we 'just have to have'.  Or a new range appears and we decide to sample it.  Well, this post is a result of all three of those factors.  Actually, we could add a fourth element of a 'disappeared' range re-appearing.

The new information comes from here:

Not new information in the world, but more detailed information than I'd had prior to finding that information.  And while I've sampled the newer range of Peter Pig figures and have added two new units of foot militia (each with 18 unique sculpts - though duplicates across the two units) and one mounted unit of militia with dismounts, a new unit of highlanders in trousers and a new unit of jaegers, plus a unit of supply troops (using the extra and out of ammo figures), and two groups of civilains - men and women, plus three packs of artillerists (ragged, round hat, and german),  and a delightful grouping of scout figures (both mounted and foot), plus plenty of additional casualty figures (which I really needed, the others were only wants), I'm going to dip into a different source for reforming my foot guard in a more historical organization.

And that source is the re-emergent Polly Oliver range of figures for this era.  I used to drool over those figures but then they dropped away before I started buying for the period.  Now I can get some just to have some.  I will, absolutely, get some of their fusilier figures - I know they probably didn't wear those hats on campaign in America.  But sometimes we collect figures just because; certainly the case in this instance.

These additions do mean I have to dive back into all of my collected resources - and maybe add to those resources! - to sort out how to incorporate all of this into my already much too large collection.  All of this rather flies in the face of my clear need to down size my overall collection of figures just to achieve some level of sanity.  But, since the American Revolution is my favorite period and the one I'd keep if I kept only one (will almost certainly keep a minimum of four periods - assuming I can actually talk myself in to downsizing at all) then I'm calling this augmentation 'no harm, no foul'.

As to the redesign of the guards, I'm thinking to have it as one unit in two battalions of 15 figures each. One stand of grenadiers and four stands of foot (including command) for one battalion and then one stand of lights and four stands of foot (again with command) for the other battalion.  I can use the grenadiers and light troops I already have and then would only need to pick one pack of Polly Oliver figures to get the 24 figures I'd need for the 'hat' companies - and split the command up between the battalions.

That leaves those two battalions I'd had planned as my guard units as 'orphans' but I will add a couple of packs (those fusiliers) to make another British foot brigade.  And if I'm going to delve this deep into making changes, I'll certainly do a bit more with Burgoyne's organization - the 24th will go back that way.  I can see some changes for the Hessians - one brigade of musketeers, one brigade of fusiliers, one brigade of garrison troops, and one brigade of grenadiers - plus one for the formed grenadier unit as opposed to the converged battalions, and one 'brigade' of jaegers.  Chances are I'll bring forward enough more French troops to have another line brigade. 

Dang, I've gone and opened up a real can of worms for myself here, haven't I?  None of the above even touches on adjustments on the continental side - except for the added militia, of course.  Well, I guess I'll just have to get busy fishing for exactly how I want to do all this - in more detail.  I guess we can put this down to the blessings - and the curses - of the internet.  For me the silver lining is getting back to the design and organization side of the hobby, an element I really enjoy.  Hazardous activity, though!

June 7, 2012

Okay, yes, I am reproducing in a public place potential evidence that I exist in an unbalanced mental state - but maybe we off balance folk are just having more fun!  The evidence below.

If I had to abandon all put one of the many periods I have figures for - I'd shoot the person making such a dastardly suggestion!  (maybe with a water gun, but I'd shoot the cad nonetheless)  However, if I had to pick one period as my most favorite it'd probably be the American Revolution.  The listing below reveals just how much I enjoy the period.  Whether they will ever all get painted is another question all together.

Note that each battalion of infantry is eighteen figures and including command; each cavalry regiment consists of twelve mounted figures and twelve matching figures on foot; each gun is a model of a gun and four crewmen; all generals are represented by one mounted figure and one figure on foot - the foot figure indicating the rank of the general (who might not be an "actual" general, of course).  For purposes of organization, I have everything in brigades of four battalions of infantry, two regiments of cavalry; the infantry brigades get a gun each and, of course, all the brigades get a commanding figure.  And even though there were not divisions per se during this era, I have higher level "divisions" of four brigades each except for the two German ones which are three brigades each.

A couple of other things - I have some available alternative generals for the higher levels of command for various theaters and what if scenarios and/or campaigns.  Also, while I list specific units - almost all of which I have a color image of to use as a guide when painting - any unit can be used as some other unit for historical scenarios.  And a close examination will reveal I can cover all the theaters of the war. Lastly, one of the reasons for this list - and this blog - is evidence to support any insurance claim if some disaster were to befall my collection.  (nasty shivering shudder typing that, I can tell you)

The Continental Side:

Northern Division -
1st Brigade: 2nd New Hampshire, Green Mountain Boys, 2nd Canadian, Sargent's Massachusetts
2nd Brigade: Patterson's Massachusetts, 3rd Massachusetts, 6th Massachusetts, 8th Massachusetts
3rd Brigade: 14th Massachusetts, 1st Connecticut, 8th Connecticut, 1st Rhode Island
Northern Militia: Battalion A-NH, Battalion B-Mass, Battalion C-Conn, Battalion D-R.Island

Central Division -
1st Brigade: 2nd New York, 3rd New York, 1779 New York, 1779 New Jersey
2nd Brigade: 3rd New Jersey, alternate 3rd New Jersey (2nd?), 7th Pennsylvania, 1779 Pennsylvania
3rd Brigade: 3rd Pennsylvania, 1st Maryland, 2nd Maryland, Haslet's Delaware
Central Militia: Battalion E-NY, Battalion F-NJ, Battalion G-Pennsy, Battalion H-Maryland

Southern Division -
1st Brigade: 6th Virginia, Virginia Marines (9th), 1779 Virginia Continentals, 1779 North Carolina
2nd Brigade: 2nd North Carolina, 3rd North Carolina, 1st South Carolina, 2nd South Carolina
3rd Brigade: 1st Georgia, Sumpter's Partisans, Marion's Partisans, Picken's Partisans
Southern Militia: Battalion I-Virginia, Battalion J-NC, Battalion K-SC, Battalion M-Georgia

Additional Continetnals and Western Division -
1st Brigade: Lee's, Henley's, Hartley's, Webb's Additional Continental Regiments
2nd Brigade: Sherburne's, Spencer's Additionals, Lee's Legion Foot, Pulaski's Legion Foot
3rd Brigade: Morgan's Rifles, Pennsylvania Rifles, Over-mountain Rifles, undecided Rifles
Western Brigade: Crockett's Battalion, Clark's Illinois Regiment, 8th Pennsylvania, 13th Virginia

Light Infantry and French Division -
First Light Infantry Brigade: 1st Lights, 2nd Lights, 3rd Lights, 4th Lights
Second Light Infantry Brigade: 5th Ligths, 6th Lights, 7th Lights, 8th Lights
French Elite Brigade: Soissons Grenadiers, Galvan's Grenadiers(spain), Chasseurs, Lauzan's Lights
French Foot Brigade: Saintonge, Royal Deux-Ponts, Bourbonnois, undecided (where's my Mollo?)

Cavalry Brigades:
1st and 2nd Continental Light Dragoons - two regiments
3rd and 4th Continental Light Dragoons - two regiments
Lee's Legion Cavalry and Pulaski's Legion Cavalry - two regiments
Philadelphia Light Horse and Washington's Life Guard with von Heer's Corps attached - two regiments
Lauzan's Hussars and Belzunc Dragoons - two regiments

The British Side:

Elite British Division:
Guard's Brigade: 1st Guards, 2nd Guards, Converged Guards Flankers Battalion, 24th Foot
Grenadier Brigade: 1st Grenadiers, 2nd Grenadiers, Highland Grenadiers, undecided Grenadiers
Light Infantry Briagde: 1st Light Infantry, 2nd Light Infantry, Highland Lights, Burgoyne's Lights
Highland Brigade: 42nd Foot, 1st of the 71st, 2nd of the 71st, Royal Highland Emigrants (provincials)

British Line Division:
1st Line Brigade: 33rd Foot, 37th Foot, 43rd Foot, 64th Foot
2nd Line Brigade: 4th Foot, 10th Foot, 35th Foot, 63rd Foot
3rd Line Brigade: 17th Foot, 23rd Fusiliers, 40th Foot, 49th Foot
Burgoyne's Brigade: 9th Foot, 20th Foot, 21st Fusiliers, 62nd Foot

Elite German Division:
Grenadier Brigade: von Linsigen Grend, von Minnegerode Grend, von Rall Grend, Burgoyne's Grend
Light Brigade: Hess Jaegers, Hess and Others Jaegers, von Barner's Chasseurs, Burgoyne's Jaegers
Brunswick Brigade: Erbprinz (H-Hanau), Riedesel Musk, Specht Musk, Rhetz Musketeers

German Line Division:
First Musketter Brigade: von Trumbach, Prinz Carl, von Donop, von Mirbach
Second Musketeer Brigade: Brandenburg, Anspach, Waldeck, von Huyn Garrison Regt.
Fusilier Brigade: von Ditfurth, Erbprinz(H-Cassel), von Lossberg, von Kyphausen

Loyalist Division:
Northern Loyalists: Delancey's, King's American Regiment, NJ Volunteers, Prince of Wales
Central Loyalists: New York Volunteers, Volunteers of Ireland, Tory Militia, Tory Militia
Southern Loyalists: Queen's Rangers Foot, British Legion Foot, QR & Ferguson Rifles, NC Highland
Burgoyne's Loyalists: Butler's Rangers, King's Orange Rangers, Loyal Rangers, Kings Loyal Regt/NY

Cavalry Brigades:
16th and 17th Light Dragoons - two regiments
Mounted Highlanders and King's American Dragoons - two regiments
British Legion Cavalry and Queen's Rangers Cavalry - two regiments
Mounted Jaegers and Prinze Ludwig Dragoons - two regiments.


Yes, I know some of the cavalry were not in regimental strength but I wanted more cavalry than is usual - for hypothetical events I want to game one day.

Now I need to start deciding on what generals I want to represent - besides the obvious.  And one last thing to add - with the addition of two dozen more casualty figures, I will have one casualty figure for every unit, each infantry battalion, each cavalry regiment, and each artillery piece; these will be used as indicators using my own unique system that I'll share one day.  More later, pictures probably a lot later - unless you want to see unpainted figures.

Oh, for those who care, the vast majority - but not all - of the infantry comes from Musket Miniatures and the vast majority of the cavalry - but, again, not all - comes from Freikorps courtesy of QRF (and, thanks Geoff, for the help).

While editing, these thoughts - yes, I actually already own all these figures (just need the mentioned casualty figures).  And I tried to balance the Continental figures to match, to some degree, the proportions each state supplied.

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