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Hey, even the little folk want to get out of the weather now and then - especially when I store them outside.  I need more room.  Okay, I don't really leave them outside - but I have SO many!  Main project at the moment is scratch building a Very Large old west town by the name of Anachronism.  Pictures at some point.

January 9, 2013

Over on Lead Adventure Forum I posted about an experiment I am working on using adhesive backed paper for windows and doors for my wild west town under construction (well, in temporary storage in the garage waiting for me to get back to it).  Not the best of photos but they'll give an idea of what I'm up to for those who want to try something similar.  There are other photos of the project with some comments.  The windows and doors experiment is near the end of the photos, 111 of them.

 Above are the first two prototypes of my wild west "blanks" as I call them.  The one on the left is one story, the other two story.  The material is recycled paneling from our dining room that I ripped on a table saw into various sizes - thus the white interior.  Above are the flat roofs to allow figures on them for games.
 Roofs in place.
 A reverse shot that shows the back of the false front.
 The two together from the front, later I decided to add depth to the front.
 With some figures for size comparison, I think they are Minifigs but might also be Freikorps.
 This shot shows how I tried to keep the false fronts low enough for figures to see over.
 A town awaiting assembly!
Here you can see the raw pieces: false front, four walls, floor, and extra pieces.  Far down below are shots of the assembled town, still in a raw state but at least put together.

These shots are from Bodie, CA, a ghost town, for the benefit of those who can't get there in person.


 That's the wife.

 A necessary.

 For those who don't know, Bodie was left to "deteriorate in place" and this truck is part of that process (I think - be a shame to let it just rust out).

 The mine on the hill.

 Some inspiration for the doors below.

 Don't remember the young ladies name but she was our tour guide of the interior of the stamp mill - with almost all the equipment still in place.  Probably the best part of the whole experience - and that's saying something since there was so much cool stuff.

 Don't recall for sure, but I think that object above was for mail?
 A gymnasium - something unexpected.

 1920's era gas pumps.  Cool!

 A real old roulette wheel!

 Not Bodie, and not in California.  A model of a real Old West fort, this one in Arizona.  Some of the buildings still exist and I got to tour several of them.  (no pictures of them here)

 And, finally, below, the experiment photos.  Again, they aren't great photos, were only meant for my use but can't hurt to show.
 The above shows a full sheet printed out - not on adhesive paper.  Get it right on regular paper before using the more expensive sheets.
 This shot shows a couple of color variations for the large doors and some window options (none too straight - darn drunken window hangers!).
 A little more distant shot.
 The mounted guy on the left is not a character from my wild west figures, he was just handy - he's an officer for my French and Indian War.
 A variety of experiments (again just quick tests so not very straight in hanging or cutting out.
 Some more experimenting.
 This shot is on the main post page but I'm going to leave it here.
 An overhead view of the buffalo herd.
 And an overview shot of the wild west dry run.  The standing man in the cap is good friend Joe.
 The Lakota leg of the table set up and the small town far town the rails - rails not yet in place.  This one will not be scratch built.
 Just a shot of wedding cake hills ready for sand and paint.  This will be Apacheria.
 One of many possible arrangements of hills.
 The town from the other end - see also the wild west tab for more shots.  Look carefully and you can see a stage coach with six horses!
 An alternate view of the Lakota leg, notice the herd of buffalo on the far left.
 Another overview from a different angle - and the table will get bigger!  I plan a sunken river on the Lakota leg and a sunken dry wash for the Apacheria leg.
 And another angle.  That Joe guy gets arounnd!

 Below photos have nothing to do with the Wild West!  Just some shots I took of my African animals while the table was set up.  The individual herds can be seen under the Zoological tab but these show them "in situ"  The crowded plains of Africa (hiding in the Old West!).

January 14, 2013

Decided to add something to my Musket Miniatures casualties and animals order - Sibley tents.  They come 2 to a pack and I ordered three.  Nice clean sculpts (maybe one small bubble to sand off but easily done) that look real nice.

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  1. Some great looking building there - inspirational!