Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rewarding Patience!

No, not a character in my Imagination, but your patience in waiting for something new here.  Below are some photos of some of my French and Indian War figures in mostly incomplete status - and a few shots of where I do my painting.
 Above is an overview of the train and the inland water transports for both sides, those baggies on the right (more on the left) are the higher command - less the recently added Blue Moon figures.
 This is the British half of the train.
 And the central area which has some items for both sides (like the pontoon wagon).  Note the small ship on the right front with only one mast - the end goal for all four ships to make them into my version of a river boat.
 This is the French side of the train - a variety of wagons and carts and limbers - also Hallmark's lovely coach.  In the left background are some naval guns and crews and the figures for crewing the river boats and a raft.
On the workbench are four figures, one per unit, being painted to match the figures behind them, or as close as I can get - many years apart - so all units meet a common standard.
 This tray is the unit underway - French militia.
 This shot is an overview of my painting table.

Those first photos also show the model railroad I am building - yes, I am crazy enough to have two modeling scales.  Or, am I wise enough?  You be the judge!

And Snoopy?  He is the local painting inspector and provider of inspiration.

 That's all for now.