Monday, December 24, 2012

Erudition Addition

Nice to know I still have flashes of brilliance!  Or at least a good idea.

If you'll take careful note of the change to the tabs for all of the various and sundry pages here, you will note the addition of parenthetical expressions wherein there is either a number or a dash or, in a couple of cases, a number, a slash, and another number.  What these indicate are thus: the dash means there is only the original and undated post under that tab; the solitary number (no double digits yet) indicates how many dated posts there have been but not including the original post (didn't start out dating them and still digging around to see if I can resurrect the original dates - though not of any particular importance); and last when there is the slash followed by a second number that records how many photographs there on that page.  (Yes, yes, I know you all want more numbers after the slash - and I do as well but life continues to be in the way.)

The whole purpose of making this change is so that those of you who come here to visit from time to time can quickly determine whether the pages of interest to you contain new information or photographs or not.  I leave it to you to remember what the number was the last time you were here.  Part of what motivated this idea to pop into my head was being slightly annoyed at a favorite manufacturer's site not having any easy way to determine if they've added product or not.  And a secondary purpose is so I can keep similar tabs on what I've been up to.  While I figure I have a decade or three, hopefully the latter, before I enter into my dotage, there is always those moments when the mind wanders unavoidably.  In my case it is not usually the curvature of the earth that causes my mind to wander - just curvature, one of life's finer points, that.

So, you are all quite welcome for my offering you this munificent boon.

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