Wednesday, December 26, 2012

15 mm Sedan Chair!

Alright, it is a bloody long name for the link (under the hood for you, though), but too cool not to share:

Black Hat's Marlburian Sedan Chair

Just found this tonight while roaming around the web.  And to think, only days ago I cast my imagination tab into purgatory status.  Perhaps this item will revive some interest in me to keep this going.

What with the late autumn and now winter rainy weather, I've found myself spending more time posting here than I expected.  Just not really getting into photo mood yet.  Part of the challenge has been the holidays and a much bigger part has been getting ready for some contractor work on the house and needing to shove so many things "off to the side" until this gets done.

Well, having found and shared with you the sedan chair news, I'm going to slip back into the web for some more searching before stumbling off to dream of miniatures who paint themselves while I sleep.

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