Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tallys, Oh.

Wish I had time to make a complete accounting but that is in the future.  However, I've been adding things up in my head and I believe this is a reasonable approximation of where things stand.  I have around 5,000 painted figures and around 3,000 primed figures.  That means that about 1 figure in 4 is in process out of the 32,000 (near as I can sort out) from my collection.  While I'd love the proportion to be much higher than twenty-five percent, I believe that is a respectable place to be at for so large a number of little metal beings.

On a different plane, I've been looking at my gaming table "to be" and realized I can make it a 4' x 12' table with an easy modification to add an additional 16" in width.  As mentioned in other places here on this blog, I am reconsidering how many figures for each of the collections and I plan to use that table size as a guide in moving forward.  Still not planning on parting with figures from the various listed collections.  Do have some that will go away once I find a willing buyer who will pay a reasonable price, highly affordable, but reasonable.  The penny a figure folks can watch while I melt the metal into lumps, thank you very much.  Better a paper weight than to let them go that cheap.

Another influence from the table size just mentioned: will incorporate that into the rules I'm working on.  Hmm, I guess I should add a rules thoughts page.  Well, maybe, maybe not.  We'll see.

Seems there are now over 150 photographs here but I do wish there were some nice game narratives.  Alas, I will almost certainly miss one of the two conventions I like to attend.  But life is more than hobbies and some of those other elements take priority.

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