Sunday, March 10, 2013

Musketeers Complete!

Or are they?  Well, they are in my mind now that I've acquired that last pack of mounted and dismounted figures - finally arrived at the local hobby shop, no complaints on their service since one pack ordered hardly is enough to place same.  I can't imagine adding more.  Check out the appropriate tab above to see what I have and you'll likely understand why I say I'm done adding to this.  A lot more figures there than most people are likely to get for this period.

That means that all planned periods are complete - especially since I rummaged around in the "extras" box and found a few figures to round out my Robin Hood setup, so that is set.  Now have the village leaders and I can make all foot units either twelve figures or two groups of twelve figures and all the cavalry except Robin's will be nine figures strong; Robin gets twelve because they are really just amateurs in the saddle.

Of course, there is still one buy to go with the "unplanned" Mountain Men and that will likely be all Blue Moon.  And that will complete thirteen different periods.  I still haven't removed the German East Africa tab but that is starting to seem more likely.  And, as I've mentioned before, I'm still tossing about the idea of re-introducing continental Seven Years War (but that is a long shot just now and, if done, might be down scale).

But that is it for figures.  Unless you count the "atmospherics" I hope to add,  four new packs from Baueda for camp scenes are now on the list, at some point I still plan to add some items from Donnington for my Vikings/castle set up.  But these are all peripheral items.  The combatants, and even most of the atmospherics, are now ensconced in their new home.

Most of my future acquisitions will be buildings and other scenic enhancements.  I definitely want to add a middle east village from Crescent Root Studios.  I want to add a LOT of fences and some more buildings here and there.  But even with buildings a lot of what I will add will be scratch built -- most of my wild west and Boxer Rebellion will be scratch built.  For the latter, I had a lucky find today at a pet shop, two nice pagodas.

Closing in on completing the collection is good.  Though on the down side of things, I've still not played in a game yet this year!  And I might be taking a "hobby sabbatical" for a month or three while attending to other life priorities.  Still need to finish Mike's river for his convention game next month and will be out working on that later today.  Pictures when it gets done will be posted here, probably under the terrain tab.

And blogging is taking a back seat of late -- witness almost a month since the last post -- but that is part and parcel with hobby time, we do it when we can.  The rest of the time we do what we must,  If those words seem strangely familiar then you've seen Gladiator and recall the dialogue between Maximus and Cicero.

Well, that's all for the moment.  Hope all of you out there in "the world" are enjoying those moments you give to our shared hobby.

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