Sunday, March 10, 2013

RIver and Ridge Work In Progess Shots

Below are some shots of the river and ridge, with some extras, I am building for Mike's convention game in April.  Clearly there is still need for paint and to 'texture' the river.
 Above is an overall shot of all the pieces.  Farthest back is the ridge, six feet wide though only five feet are needed for the game; three pieces 20" wide and an extender 12" wide.  On the right and closer is a hill that is really the two end pieces of the ridge when it is not used in this setup.  And way back on the far right is the piece that goes in place of the artesian spring that is the on-board source of our river.
 This shot shows one of the three 8" extenders, this one is ford extender - one of two.
 Another overall shot.  There are eight 20" river sections, one island, two double sets of curves (shallow curves, but curves any way).
 Here is the island river section.
 From the other end where you can see the two confluences, the one on the left also has an additional extender.  With the confluences this can be set up 5' wide or 6' wide with the extender, like the ridge.
 Here is a low angle shot of the 18' end to end.
 And this is a long shot of a group of six 15 mm figures to put it all in perspective.
 Another long shot showing those same figures.
 And here is a closer shot of those figures.
 Those arrows are to keep the river flowing in one direction - unless I make it all 'flow neutral' which is possible.  I also have some special techniques for the water once I get that done - though I doubt it will photograph well.
And one last long shot with those figures about 9' from the camera so about half way down the full set up.

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