Saturday, March 23, 2013

Terror strikes! Acquaintances shocked. Fun? Hopefully.

Just what is this cretin on about now, you ask?  Well, some where earlier I'd speculated about maybe taking a foray into the Pulp world of gaming.  Well, two days ago I saw an offering from Rebel Minis for some Steampunk figures and that cemented the decision.  While I won't be going down the rabbit hole of sci-fi sillyness or fantasy stuff, I foresee some games set in historical times with historical opponents but with some additional logical extensions of technology.  This does not preclude some items that might be just plain silly.  In my world view, silly can be a good thing; of course, it is like spice in the sense that one should use it judiciously.

And traveling that road I found an item in a local big box pet supply store today (besides some more pagodas for the Boxer setup, one more like have and two of a different type): a 'cute' little yellow submarine - meant as acquarium decor.  I have decided to dub it the U.N.S. Naughtyloose (a web search reveals someone out there in the world uses that handle but I don't think said user will take offense -- it is a pretty obvious play on Nautilus).  The U.N.S. stands for "unknown nation's ship."

Now, the real fun will be creating an appropriate crew for the vessel.  And quite a challenge, too.  Hard hat divers and ship's crews in 15 mm?  And some of them female with, um, broad morals?  Not ready to hand but I'm always hoping.  And always hunting.  Maybe some of those new rebel mini figures will be worth adding just for this crew.

Of course, I am talking about something slightly akilter from Pulp, more down the roads of Victorian Science Fiction with a dose of Steampunk.  Just more solidly based in the laws of phyics and extraplolations from reality that might really have existed.

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