Wednesday, February 13, 2013

If there's a windmill can Plancenoit be far away?

Not always but it is so in this case.  Dave R. ran a game at a club meeting this past Sunday using a set of rules called Peninuslar Pastimes by Donald Featherstone.  Unfortunately, yet again, I was not able to stay and play but I did get by to take some photos and come back later to check in and see how things were going - no camera on the second trip.  Keep in mind the photos were taken while the game was being set up.  I just wanted to get some sort of a game - and club - report up even though I've yet to get a game in this year.  By the by, I do participate with more than one local club.
 Above is the windmill.
 And the town setting up.
 That is Dave with the top of his hat towards the camera with Chris behind him.
 And Greg, aka the 'impostor.'
 That fine young man in the foreground is Hal.  He's seen a game or two.
 Where we meet - central heat and air, carpet, lots of tables, lots of chairs, friendly staff - a local library.
 And for variety, this was a game - I think - of Magic Realm.  Aaron of the illuminated smoke puffs is in action.  With new blood and too infrequent games recently, I'm guilty of not knowing everyone's name.
 The man with the flag on his shirt his Harry, a very fine painter of figures.  No, that is not the rising sun.
 And the here we have George facing the camera, Charlie in the electric blue, his son diagonal and I don't recall the name of the man in the checkered shirt, new blood.  I believe there was someone on the other side of Charlie.  Game of Thrones?  I'm all adrift in the whole fantasy gaming environment.  And plan to keep it that way!  But we have lots of members who enjoy such shenanigans.
 Take Mike on the left (I hope I remembered that right) and Joe, another great painter on the right.  And this was WH Fantasy Battles I'm pretty sure.
 Back to Plancenoit, some of the cavalry during setup.
 Chris seems to be plotting something sinister...
 An overview of the game but without all the troops in place yet.
 The hand of the great and powerful Dave.
 The cavalry is multiplying.
And a last shot of the town.  Again, the above photos were all taken during game setup.

Dave always provides a nice after action report on the club site which can be found here:

Dave's right up

Or write up if you prefer.  (oops!)

Plancenoit as presented here was in 15 mm!

Must get a game in sometime soon.

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