Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Link and More

Just posted a link to the UK company Black Hat Miniatures, they have both 15 and 18 mm figures that can be useful.  As soon as I stumble across, remember, or take the time to go look it up, there is another UK company I want to post a link to.  But my main focus is to support those here in the U.S.  In that vane, I've also posted a link to a company with some really great options - wish they'd do more.  That is Highlander Studios.

Much more exciting for me is that I've met one of my goals.  My recent amendments under the Steeplechase tab have led to the hoped for clarity of purpose and will result in some significant rearrangement of the figures, though a fairly easy rearrangement.  I will have the figures organized so that I can readily accommodate up to 24 players in a game.  Though I will also end up with a collection that can easily be used in much smaller games, even 2 players or maybe even a solo event.  Looks like, including the appropriate animals for Africa and more, I will end up right around 3,000 figures in this collection.

And something I just typed there is important for guiding the future:  "easily be used in much smaller games."  I need to make that my mantra.

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