Sunday, August 18, 2013

Doings in Zebra-ville

Been busy away from the hobby much of this year but not abandoning it.  Have 72 28 mm animals on the bench to paint for the local club's event for 2014.  Long way to go.

A major portion of my hobby focus, and budget, has been away from miniatures and focused on model railroading this year.  This is good for me because that is my primary hobby and miniatures have always been a side interest (truly, despite the evidence here at this blog).

While I don't anticipate losing my long term interest in miniatures, I continue to try to talk myself into reducing the numbers of periods I have.  Or, failing that, to at least dramatically reduce the number of figures I have in most of the periods I have figures for.  I recently started priming up bases for my AWI collection, just the bases.  With less than a third of the needed bases primed, that number by itself is intimidating - and that is without prepping a single figure.

Don't really know where these musings will lead but figured I should take a moment in this busy summer, more away from hobbies entirely than not, and add an update.

The real challenge in reducing the collection is deciding where to do so.  Hard.  Very hard.  But just might start getting more serious on this front.  Might.

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