Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pachydermically Speaking

While sorting out some other bits for the Pages here, I spent some time today calculating just how many elephants I have.  Most of them are in the Indian Mutiny collection with a couple more in the Scramble/Steeplechase set up.

I find I have 80 of the ponderous beasts, 25 attendant to the various mutinous and allied commands, 5 attached to the British for the Mutiny, the two for the Scramble, 9 more for the India civilians, and the 39 wild elephants for my Savannah herd (though it may double for an Indian herd stampeding a stockaded village like in the Sabu version of the Jungle Book movie).  Along with the critters there are the mahouts, riders, and drivers afoot - they tally up to 109.

I'm pretty sure that whatever else I decide about downsizing portions of the collection, I'll almost certainly keep all of these, especially since most of them are already painted.

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