Monday, September 2, 2013

The Dread FEZKARI!

I'm afraid this isn't about these troops raven locks but about their designation in my colonial gaming world.  Rather than having askari serving the various and sundry Euro-appearing troops, they are served by Fezkari.  Why?  For the most basic and important of all historical gaming reasons: to wit, it's more fun.

Now, just where, or what, is my colonial gaming world.  It is whatever it needs to be to suit whatever game is desired.  I do, however, plan to have some element of commonality to it all since I plan to have just one basic terrain type which is a bit of misnomer since I really plan to have two, at least.  The first is just the basic four brown color variation and the second is the four browns plus four green colors added on.

Sacrilege I hear being cried out far and wide!  Um, not really, just practical.  Besides which there are myriad ways of adding 'flavor' to the basic coloration so as to reasonably represent a much wider swath of geography than might at first seem possible.

One thing for sure about my colonial gaming world is that it is a world of Adventure much more than it is a world of History.  I start with a historical setting and then bring in the set dressers to change it up to a more cinematic environment where dramatic events can unfold and entertain.  Trying to recreate history is going in the wrong direction.  I'm heading forward with my backward looks - into the realm of enjoyment and escape from the daily doses of reality we all must endure (or enjoy for those of us lucky enough, which I'm thankful to be, more often than not).

I am beginning to suspect that my gaming world will have two strong focal points: the Victorian age colonial era and the middle to later 18th century North America.  A close run third will be the Wild West, or my variation on it.  Most else will be relegated to also ran status.  This means anything in the latter category should be reduced to a relatively small collection of figures.

Now I have to go and do something very important.  And that is go see where I left my will power.

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