Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Buildings, Lots of Them, and Ruined Ones, Too!

There are twenty-five building models in the shot below, not counting the gates in the walls - or the walls.  The two in the lower right will be used up on top of the Tartar Wall, they are the smallest ones.  There are a lot of duplicates but paint should make it hard to tell once in a game.
 I think there are 21 ruins in the shot below but it might be 17.  Whichever number, I'm hoping that is enough to represent the damage in the legation quarter.
For certain, one walled compound will represent Prince Su's Palace (the Fu).  I might use the other in a different configuration(s?) to represent part of the Imperial Palace - maybe two 'half' compounds.  

With the six legations I've acquired, the Tartar Wall to be built, and the stand-in for the Pekin Hotel, I think it will be pretty impressive to look at.  One day.

1 comment:

  1. Impressive number of buildings!

    I hope they’ll paint up fast.