Saturday, May 6, 2017

The 7th

Not the date.  The cavalry regiment.  I've started prepping my 7th Cavalry regiment for my Old West/Plains Wars set-up.

Twelve companies at twelve mounted figures each plus twelve dismounts, a standing horse to represent point of dismount, and three dead horses and two dead men (that's 42 pieces x 12 or 504 pieces) and then there will be the high command, still a little minor adjusting but 6 more mounted men and six dismounts but only two dead horses and two dead men (harder to kill the high command).

I'm also hoping to get at least half of the army supply wagons prepped and primed this week, four wagons with drivers and four horses per wagon.  Part of the minor sorting is adjusting so that within the twelve companies there will be four battalion commands - each battalion to have three companies (or troops for those of you not aware that company was the proper name for a 'troop' at the time.

A bit of a distraction from the French and Indian War I'm supposed to be finishing and the American Revolution I've started and should be progressing with but at least the Old West is one of the KEY periods (AWI and Cracked Colonials being the other two key periods).  Enough for now.

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