Friday, April 28, 2017

A Modest Change of Direction

Exercising that well known prerogative - but in a masculine direction! - I've changed my mind about my gaming table.  Instead of adding two 2' x 4' extensions to each end to be able to go to a 16' total length instead of the current 4' x 12' size, I'm abandoning the extensions and converting them in to 'level changers'.  That means the table stays at 4' x 12' which is plenty of space for 15 mm gaming, at least within my new mindset.  I might still put together the occasional Extravaganza Game to run at a convention but I'm going to put more focus on games that max out at six players - and I'm well in to adjusting my varied figure collections for this new direction.  A couple of periods will stay on the massive side - the AWI and the Old West.  But most everything else will either hold steady where it is or reduce in size (if not done already) and maybe one or two periods get abandoned - or not.  Dang will power problem.

What's driving this decision is two things.  First, it was a game I recently ran at a local convention using a table roughly the same size with six players, three per side.  Worked just fine and allowed plenty of room to play our game, a French and Indian War event.  Second, when deciding to dismantle my passes in favor of just using the 'deep profile hills' I realized I would still need some height for games, either for a 'drop' to a seaport or a 'rise' to other heights.  The simplest way to get there was to convert the already assembled 2' x 4' extension into one rise and match that with the second 2' x 4' extension not yet assembled because it was going to be on a hinge.

As soon as realized this meant the ends were more open and the gaming 'flanks' more accessible, that sealed the deal.  So, now I need to assemble the second extension into a riser (need a couple sticks of 1 x 2 and or 1 x 3) and then build some 'step up' pieces using 1/2" plywood cut with a jigsaw and bull nosed with a belt sander and then base painted.  And eventually all this gets textured and painted to match my 8 color paint system for terrain.

I'll need to make a couple of sub-risers as well so that I can use one of the risers at one level and the other riser at a second and higher level.  That means I'll need two 4' 'step ups' - and with two of those I can, if a game calls for it, have a 4' x 4' riser with a 'step up' (or step down) on either side of the rise.  For another option, I'll also build four side 'step ups' so that I can use the risers lengthwise as either one 2' x 4' piece (and if I have two of those, I need the four side 'step ups') or as one 2' x 8' riser using just two of the side 'step ups'.  I suppose, it just occurred to me, that if I build two extra 4' and a little more 'step ups' so they match properly with the side risers, I can put the riser in the center of the board longwise (and I'll need two small corner 'rise ups' in case I want to put two lengthwise center riser pieces for some reason.  So, all told, that will be 10 'step ups' to build.

Since those risers will have a flat and flush surface, I can put buildings or any of my other terrain pieces on top to add even more versatility.

Diverging away from that topic but sticking with the terrain area, I've decided I will add another 72 evergreens to match the ones I've already bought as far numbers of trees and types of bases - but I will color 36 of them lighter with spray paint and the other 36 darker, basically adding pines and spruces to my gaming evergreens.

Now, back to those passes to be dismantled, I'm going to convert them to three rather long deep profile hills, one each at 31", 29",  and 24", roughly.  Will lose some length when I jig saw and bull nose the newly sawn elements.  Should be able to re-use the majority of the wood without too much extra effort.

I'm also going to reduce the number of cliffs I build - just too much too store.  I also realized I need to make a shorter straight cliff to maximize versatility - and I will make a couple of options of the standard length and the new shorter length, such as at least one waterfall.

That's it for the moment.  Off to other things.  And, yes, photographs eventually.

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