Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Linear or Square?

Not, perhaps, as simple as you might think.

I was contemplating the size of my AWI figure collection versus the size of my gaming table and was startled at how many linear feet just my infantry would fill up.  Came out to about 138 feet - 1/2 inch per figure and over 3,000 figures.  And my table is only 4' x 12' in size.  How in the world would I ever get them all on the table?!

Well, it turns out that is the wrong way to think of it.

Technically that is correct if all the figures were in one rank and all standing shoulder to shoulder.  But if formed into brigade size masses and counting the space all the figures would take up - not just the infantry but cavalry, artillery, command, and casualty figures take up a bit less than ten square feet.  Thus much less than one fourth of the table would be needed for the whole of my AWI figure table to be on the table all at once.  Which means I could run a game with all of them, albeit crowded.

Thankfully, my collection is meant to allow northern, central, and southern campaign games so there would rarely be any point to having all the figures on the table at the same time.  Unless it was Long Island!

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