Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Redux de reasonable

Or, reduction towards reasonableness.

Been working to reduce the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan and the French Foreign Legion figures and the 'enemies'.  Well, success on several fronts but the Anglo-Egyptian army has been stubborn - though some reduction.  Natives, except for the Emirs and the Sultan, reduced by a full third - though still need to sort out the casualty figures.  For the French, I need one figure per stand for the native side of things to effectively double my native force of Bedouin and Touareg.

For the Fuzzie-Wuzzie (Hadendowah?) and the Ansar (?) I may need two casualties per figure - thanks to that aforementioned stubbornness.

French worked out at 12 foot units and 8 cavalry units plus the heavy weapons and train and leadership.  Oh, and a band and heliograph unit.  The British worked out to 12 foot units and 6 cavalry and 2 camelry units and the other associated units, band and heliograph included.  And a good dose of leaders for both.  Doesn't sound so bad, right?  Hold up.  Then there is the Egyptian army, more or less, with 6 units of Egyptian foot, 3 units of Sudanese foot, and 3 units Indian troops.  Then the cavalry - two Egyptian plus Egyptian lancers (did they have?  don't know.  but mine do.)  A mounted gendarme unit (sort of trash in battle) and two more horse mounted units (Egyptian?  tired and late), and one Egyptian and one Sudanese camel mounted units.  For both sides, all mounted have dismounts.

Foot units are 18 figures, mounted are 12 figures.

The native forces have 6 24 figure infantry units, 4 15 figure cavalry units, and 2 12 figure cameleers units.  I have a total of six of those groupings with some associated other bits but two of them have been deemed excess for a swap meet one day.

All in all, probably reduced the painting load by well over 1,000 figures.

The "European" troops rate 2 casualties per unit for foot and mounted, all else (leaders, heavy weapons, train elements) 1 casualty per.


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