Saturday, September 21, 2013

More Links across the pond

Added two new links, old friends.  One is to the spectacular Grimsby site - be sure and check it out if you have not, especially the gallery of games.  The other is to a long favored supplier - Irregular Miniatures; they've always provided the highest possible level of customer service - and always very accurate in what they ship.

Oh, and it looks like I will be moving my gaming space from the garage to the lanai (covered porch area for those unfamiliar) which will be an enclosed three season space soon.  And since I live in California that more or less means a usable space for almost the entire year.

That move does bring up a minor quandary - do I keep my table at 5' width or go with only 4' width to gain more people space on either side of the length of the table?  Haven't made a decision yet.

Other than running a couple of pirate games at an upcoming convention, and maybe getting a game or two in at same - maybe!, I've resigned myself to not really gaming until next year.  Not an ideal situation but lots of other important things being attended to that, once finished, hopefully will allow lots more gaming focus going forward.

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