Saturday, June 1, 2013


No, this is not about space beings nor is it about extra-legal immigration but instead it is about something that just might alienate some.  So be it.  I've noticed something that to me is odd.  And it isn't just local to my area.  And, of course, from the perspective of those who make their living in the hobby, it isn't all bad.  But I find myself wondering why so many members of the hobby - certainly (hopefully?) not all -- are windsocks.  If the hobby blows this way, wham, they blow that way.  And if it shifts a degree, slam, they shift a degree.  Rather than having any focus in their endeavors, the Windsocks shift to whatever is the meme of the moment within the hobby.  Now, variety is good.  But inconstancy is not.  And I find myself wondering if this is one of the challenges that causes this hobby to be so scattered.  How does one get an army fully painted and deployed on to the table if one is constantly chasing seventeen different rule sets/periods/scales/basing schemes from week to week?  Just doesn't happen.  The vagaries and vicissitudes of life throw us enough challenges.  I suspect that a more focused approach on the greater part of the hobby will give the hobby renewed vigor -- and bring in more members.  Of course, there will always be those odd ducks who can never focus -- within or without of the hobby.  Then there are those who feel that their chosen period needs yet another set of rules.  Though why one period needs seventy-two different rule sets is beyond me.  (and for the bio-strategically retentive, the seventy-two is a random number for illustrative purposes -- get over it).

I have not been entirely innocent since I have accumulated so many periods.  Plus I plan yet another set of rules in the great mix.  But my purpose is to simplify handling that accumulation -- one core set of mechanisms for all periods.  And, YES, it is possible.  If not your cup of tea, don't drink it.

Enough for now before I get really wound up.  Just an observation, nothing more.

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