Monday, May 6, 2013

Hooray for today!

Four battalions now complete.  Okay, so it is only four figures, one for each battalion to bring all four groups up to the 'new' standard I settled on for my French and Indian War organization of three figure bases and, no, I haven't rebased them yet.  In fact, I based and textured the four figures on the old single figure basing.

So, what is the big deal?

Well, it has been a long time -- far too long of a time -- since I based and textured figures I painted myself.  Still a few very minor touch ups to do in the morning light but it sure feels good to get those figures done.  Now I can finish the French militia battalion and be ready to bring another battalion or 'tribe' out to work on.

With that battalion done I will have the 44th, a Highland Foot unit, a Highland grenadier unit, a Provincial battalion, a Ranger battalion, and a militia unit ready for the British - every unit has three sub-units of 12 figures each and then two command stands (one of which can have a mounted figure and sometimes a matching dismounted figure stand) - as well as several guns and crews plus an engineer with his horse drawn cart.  Also, three other companies than can act as an ad hoc battalion - grenadier and light of the 44th plus an independent company.

For the French that will give me Languedoc, two units of Colony Marines, one of Coureur du Bois, and the militia (close to being done).  Again, have the three companies for an ad hoc battalion - the grenadier and chasseurs of Languedoc and a detached company plus several guns and crews and the engineer with his horse drawn cart.  To beef up the French side, there are also a dozen bands of natives painted and based and ready to go.

I need to get all these figures into a game soon -- especially since gaming friends have been clamoring for such an event.  Just need to decide what rules to use until I have my own ready.

Many more units to go, lots more natives, lots of civlians -- quite a few painted already but more to do -- and a variety of Europeans.  Another full unit for each side, the 60th for the British and La Reine for the French (these have five companies because I paint the grenadier and lights to match - though they go to their own battalions -- with another company and command figures).  The British have a Provincial unit to paint (primed and started).  Then there are the small units of horse for each side, the rest of the artillery and the pioneer units.  And more casualties, have lots but will be painting more -- four to a battalion.

This is one of my favorite periods.  Don't believe me?  Work your way down to the March 23rd post, the one with the canoes in it.  Who else has that many canoes for this period?

Yeah, it feels good to get those figures done.

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