Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tabs and Going Over The Hill

Part of that post title refers to terrain -- see under the Scenery tab above for a couple of short notes on pending projects.  The other part, tabs, means I'm considering another adjustment.  Blogger limits us to twenty tabs for different pages (or did, haven't checked if that has changed) and I'm thinking about putting the German East Africa tab back up.  Still a sceptic about a comprehensive 15 mm range being produced but a new book I'm reading has reinvigorated that interest.

One of the great life distractions has recently settled down but I still have a couple more pulling focus from miniatures.  Need to get the house painted and that means a lot of work getting the homestead in shape for the painters.  The other is working on my model railroading project.

Just wanted to post something so those of you following know I haven't abandoned my blog.  Up to nine followers now I see.  I suspect when I get a lot more pictures up and some game reports there might be more.  Unfortunately, I still haven't played in a game this year - and it's almost half over!  But all is not bad.  As I get the train room back into shape that means I'm getting the painting space back into shape as well.

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