Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Game Table Takes Shape

At end of day yesterday I had finished the gaming table, less a few minor adjustments, and decided to do a sample layout -- but without the yet to be painted ground cloth that will match to the hills already created.  That is a big project for when other more important, non-gaming tasks are current.
 Here is the table from one end, just over 5' wide and right at 12' long.
 The same from the other end.  That raised lip visible between the two ends is where the minor adjustments are still needed.  In due time.
And to put it in scale, here is a close shot of a gun and two artillerymen, British French and Indian War, that are in the above two photos.  It is worthy of note that there will be many, many more hills once they are complete.  I think I have forty-five total, including those pictured, that are either complete or in need of sand and the eight colors of paint.  That means I can have quite a variety of setups.  Still need to build some rivers, though that I know will work out.  Bigger challenge ahead is how to do roads to my personal satisfaction.

For me, a visually appealing game is of paramount importance.  It doesn't need to be museum worthy but it does have to sparkle.  A plain table is just boring to me and I'd rather do something else than play with miniatures in that environment, sort like stale bread.

I'm really looking forward to hosting a game on this table but not sure when that will be.  Lots of work on the home front, honey-do list stuff, before that day arrives.  Plus I want that giant ground cloth done to really give that day a bit of Wow factor.

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