Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Really small guns?

No, Musket Miniatures is a company - not really tiny weapons.  Well, okay, the cast weapons on their figures can be on the wee side, but you get the picture.  Or not.  But to clarify,  I placed an order with them this morning for a bunch of their HO scale wild animals that I'm hoping will be useful with my Blue Moon Manufacturing 18 mm figures I plan to use for Mountain Man gaming.  Once I have them, I'll get some photos up to show some size comparisons so others can decide if they will work for them or not.  Still on the hunt for the right figures for the native opponents of the Mountain Men.

Now as to my plans and hopes for New Years Day and getting stuff painted and photographed...I was ambushed!  That's my story and as far as I'm going with that.

I was thinking to make this a goal, almost along the lines of a resolution, but decided to just keep it as a hope.  And that is to try and get in a whole lot more games this year than last year and try to keep at a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio of games played to games run.  With a bit of luck I hope to get to at least 24 games for the year and that includes the two conventions, one here in town and one a couple hours away, I like to attend.  Since I can usually get in several games at each event that means I only need to get in something less than two a month to achieve that.  If life were perfect, I'd get in at least two games a week.  Hope you get as many games as you hope for this year, whatever your number.

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