Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Heavens to Betty-Boop.  Two posts in two days - and in the same month, mind you!

What is up here?

Well, I am in the mood to herd words, I guess.

If you've poked around here you've probably found a few hints of narrative in a place or three.  But what I need to do, or want to do if you prefer, is start getting a solid narrative line for each of the periods I game or have figures to game with at some point.  This means a main character or two and some sort of history for each and something to propel them down the "road to adventure" so that games have something to link them together.  Hey, a tapestry!

My all time favorite song with vocals is Carol King's Tapestry.  Why?  Well, it just resonates for me, from first listening.  Still does, too many decades later.  But think of it this way, my goal is to weave the threads of story, the warp and woof, into a many colored tapestry, like the man with the coat yellow-green on either side.  And for those of you thinking I've gone off my rocker (which I did a long time ago, been a curious ride since), are forgetting Bayeux, that tapestry is one of the most important historical "documents" on the planet.  Without it our knowledge of the period of Hastings, and of the battle itself, would be considerably less.  So, I'm not that far off base, really.   The goal, then, as time permits - very short supply for another month and a few weeks, at least - will be just that; to find a narrative for each and every period and specific characters that will 'survive' through game after game to keep them pulling a thread, or woof.  Now how the heck to I get some figures to push the warp?  Something to ponder.

Mergatroid!  I've forgotten to mention the need for villains.  Every good story needs a nasty, unscrupulous bad guy.  Or, bad girl.  Don't we love our girls to be bad once in a while?

Now, who knows where I can get a Betty-Boop figure in 15 mm?  Someone out there must make one.  Ah, the joys of cantilevered dames.  Well, I do have plenty of dogs to bark; make for some discomforting moments for players trying to sneak up on a homestead or village and such.  Off I go.

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