Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Anticipation - is keeping me waiting...

Order off to Blue Moon for the figures to create the Musketeer set-up, round off the French and Indian War (figures and a few native buildings and one non-native as a sampler), and a start to something new and long hoped for but sort of abandoned: Mountain Men!  Now, before you run off to check out Blue Moon's new 15/18 mm mountain man range, hold on to your possibles bag, partner.  I spied some items in their newest range, Texas War of Independence range that should work for mountain men - on foot.  Waiting to see if they have some mounted versions and now need to find some Blackfeet indians to suit.  But did order a few bags to see up close and in person.

Also, just finished re-reading The Battle For The Bundu about German East Africa and was struck by the sameness of so many of the battles related and am reconsidering whether to do that period or not.  Haven't abandoned it, still has some interest  But I have decided to add some Prussians in picklehaub for a nice colonial German force for my slightly cracked colonials.  Would really love to get some camel mounted Germans.  Have plenty of French and British to toss into my Scramble mix but being of German heritage, though American through and through, I want to give them some reinforcements so the Hun can have his day.  Why the heck do Germans get called Huns, anyway?  

One of the nice things about being so close to being done adding figures is now I can comfortably contemplate conversions or even the occasional custom sculpted figure.  Not quite there yet, but perhaps soon.

Now back to Blue Moon.  Depending on how I find the sample, and budget as always, I just might order a whole bunch of their French and Indian War buildings.  Also, wondering about the if and when of their 15 mm Gangster range of figures and whether they will include vehicles and buildings.  Hoping.  Oh, and one last pack of native tribes for Africa and a few things, from Old West and ACW ranges, for my old west gargantuaevality (gargantuan eventuality) that draws close to being worked on.

Next month or so I will be busy getting ready for the Pacificon convention in Santa Clara, California where my pirate extravaganza will  make its second appearance.  I really shouldn't claim it as mine since the local club had a lot to do with bringing it into being - but the toys are almost all mine so I do claim it from that perspective.  Maybe after the beginning of September I will finally have time to start putting up some photographs.

And while Blue Moon is great there are other players in the game.  Ordered some of the scenic details from Baueda (trickling in to the local hobby shop) that will be a nice addition.  And planning an order from Musket Miniatures that will be mostly detail bits, including lots of fencing.  But a couple of bags of AWI casualties to finish that off - except for the painting!  Looking at a few items from Stone Mountain and JR Miniatures, again details.  And from across the water, some items for Donnington.

What will I do with my time when I'm no longing shopping for, dreaming up, organizing, buying figures?  Well, um, PAINTING!  A lot, for a long time to come.  Oh, and a game or two here and there.  Had a fun AWI game a week and more ago, not my figures.  My forces, did well, especially one unit.  Moments like that keep up the "gaming juice."

One last note, to self, MODS = maneuverability, offensive power, defensive power, and survivability.  That relates to my rules in development (for self, not for sale).  Go ahead and wonder; it's good for you.

So, it is possible that one tab may go away, GEA, and one new one may arrive - Mountain Men.  Enough for now since I really should be working on something else!

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