Sunday, April 24, 2016

Conquest Sacramento 2016

Okay, first a variety of games at Sacramento's ConQuest Sacramento - I did not play in these, just took some photos.  And, no, I don't know what they all were but you can probably sort it out from the visuals.  A larger image just by clicking on it per normal.

 The following images were from Dave's Napoleonic game using Rank and File rules with his modifications.  It was a good game, a corps level action and I enjoyed.  Would have been nice if we'd had a few more players but such is the way of con games.

 And here are some shots of a game I ran using the same rules but with different modifications.  It is a French and Indian War game where each unit equates to a company at one-to-one and each company gets two manuever units.  Lots of native units.  Didn't quite get two new units into the game, finished painting them but they weren't textured.  Around 800 figures in the game.

I did have the good fortune to start the game with a full complement of 8 players but a couple dropped out, one to attend to convention duties and one that apparently took umbrage at something another player did.  Or maybe they just didn't like the game - but others joined in along the way.

Hope the players enjoyed the game.  I am on the look-out for an even easier and faster playing game since I will be doubling the number of foot units used - twenty-eight eventually, with the two on the painting table sixteen will be done and two more are 'almost' there, less there command - sort of.

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