Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Almost and Finally

As in almost to the convention.  Haven't gotten many of the figures I'd hoped finished but I have gotten all but a small handful of 120 deciduous trees foliated - or added foliage if you prefer.  And I've gotten a river and a bit of a lake (or ocean) matched to the terrain similar to the figure basing.  Still a few figures to work on and some bases to texture - and those last trees to finish.

So, I'm hoping I'll have a visually appealing game to a higher level than before, with everything matching up to a pretty nice degree: ground cloth, tree bases, water features, and figure bases.  I did take some photos with my new phone - but still learning how to use it - of a practice setup to make sure things will work.

Modified the rules, Rank and File, a bit to adjust based on previous FIW games.  Nothing earth shaking  for the most part.  Though I did get my charge token system up and running and will see how that goes - more on that later.  Have the scenario and troop types and quantities all sorted out.  Just that little bit more to get done, most of it should be finished tonight or tomorrow (and I have the next four days off so I have almost two full days to finish things before playing a Friday game and a Saturday morning game before my Sunday afternoon/evening game, and then play another on Sunday, or so is the plan).

Yesterday I received an order from Peter Pig so I can 'finally' return to my railroad project for the Old West - worked out a special order to get three tenders only so now I can put three flat cars back into use as freight cars instead of converting to tenders - probably one each gondola, tank car, and keeping the last as another flat car.  Unless I come up with some other car type I want to do.  I think that will bring me to 57 pieces of locomotive and rolling stock items to put on the rails.  That is a lot!

Awaiting balance of an order from Stone Mountain and a new order from Blue Moon/Old Glory and then one more to place with Irregular Miniatures - and then I will blog about an important milestone.

Of course, now that it is spring time, a lot of the hobby stuff will be shunted aside while getting the yard in shape but progress will be made.  Next post after the convention - with photos.

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