Sunday, December 8, 2013

Considerations and Contemplations

Not sure whether or not I've made a decision or not but I've done a narrowing for prospective periods to either drop altogether or, at least, put on the deep back burner.  In a lull at work I 'ranked' all my fourteen periods with a score from one to ten and culled out the lowest six.  They were: Viking era, Pirates, Mountain Men, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, French Foreign Legion, and Boxer Rebellion.

My goal had been to reduce to only six periods but the scoring worked out that there were two ties.  Number one was easy, American Revolution, followed closely by the French and Indian Wars, then came Old West gaming, and I had to include some colonial era items and that led to my Slightly Cracked Colonials (Steeplechase).  There was a tie between the Indian Mutiny and the American Civil War - I like the exotic of India more but I have a large collection of painted ACW so that remains a conundrum.  And then there were those two small collections: Robin Hood and Three Musketeers, also tied.  Since those last two are such small numbers, relatively, I decided to keep them in the mix as light weight gaming.

Not that I take gaming seriously.  It's meant to be fun.

The ideal solution for me is to find local gamers who are deeply ensconced in this general locale who are interested in the items on the cull list and could take those collections off my hands with the express purpose of painting them up and playing with them - and keeping me at the top of the play list if I'm available.

On the keep list, I still need to decide whether or not to narrow the scope of the Steeplechase figure collection - it seems probable, at least as an interim choice.  Oh, and on the Viking era, I will almost certainly cull a number of items from that collection to keep for Robin Hood gaming, especially the castle.

Now if I can only find a way to make it to a game next Sunday to play!  With a holiday hosting event at our house pending, it is starting to look doubtful.  2014 will be a better gaming year.

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