Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I been thinkin'

As I often mention here, I have way more figures than I should have.  While I know the main culprit is myself, I can also point to being the 'poor kid' who grew up doing without getting to a place where he good 'do with'.  But I've been contemplating a somewhat different thought recently.  In both my model railroading world and this world, I started collecting in earnest - and in excess - during the go-go 90s.  There is plenty of evidence many in this hobby collected well beyond not only what we need but what we are ever likely to actually use.  So, now I wonder if I was simply a 'victim' of a mindset prevalent during that time and that is what led me to have what I do now?  Don't really know but I rather think that is at least an important element.  Of course, I was a very willing 'victim'.  The great question: now what to do with the excess?  The big difference between what I have in this hobby versus the model railroading world is one has a fire sale mentality and the other a collector's mindset.  Care to guess which goes with what?

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  1. I've lost track of whether I am a collector or a wargamer !

    Great web page and looking forward to reading about your Giant West game. I'm just getting into Pony wars (most likely 10mm due to space issues) so I've been perusing the web and found your post on lead adventure that led me here. Cheers