Sunday, April 7, 2013

Numbers in a different directiom

Since sometimes when I am posting here, whether on this main pages or the topical pages, it is late at night or I am in a hurry, at other times I spend a little time just to edit and make corrections.  Today I was making sure the parenthetical numbers on the page headings were all correct (hope I fixed them all, think so).  While doing this a thought struck me: perhaps the pages with the greatest number of posts will, eventually, reveal which periods require the greatest focus from me.  The thinking being that the more frequent posts reveal the greater sustained interest.  One of the dilemmas I've been wrestling with for a few years now is to relinquish some periods in order to put greater focus on those that best hold my interest.  Too soon to make any firm decisions but that seems a reasonable bit of cogitation.   If such can be reasonabyle - abandoning something that had sufficient interest to collect all those figures.  Who knows?  Only time will tell, as it always does.

I do figure I have a good 40 years of active life in front of me barring some catastrophic disease or terrible accident.  Maybe that is long enough to get everything done and enjoyed.  Though who will be around to enjoy the hobby with me by the end is an open question.

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