Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Return, Or Getting on Track

While many important distractions remain, I am slowly returning to working on hobby projects.

My next project, if all goes well, is going to be my old west trains.  Once some items on back order get shipped I will have the following to work on: 3 Peter Pig locomotives, 6 varied Glencoe Models plastic locomotives (three of which I'll need to build tenders for), 8 passenger coaches (two of which will be converted to combines), six box cars, 4 cabeese (plural of caboose, you know), and 10 flat cars (8 of which will be converted into 4 cattle cars, 2 tank cars, and 2 gondolas with 2 staying as flat cars).  As the norm, that means cleaning and prepping and painting.  And all of that will make for a very nice and varied collection of items to include in games - and probably overkill in many ways but still a fun project and does lead to some rather specific scenarios I have in mind, the most well known being the ambush of the Earp family by the cowboy faction at the rail yard that didn't quite go as planned.

These being trains, the other part of the project is assembling track for the trains to run on and not just a section of track but switches to allow that aforesaid rail yard, some passing sidings, and at least a couple of spurs branching off to industries - the stock yards near town and a spur down to the rail ferry in use until a bridge can be built across the river, not too far from where the floating gambling paddle wheeler ties up.

And, hopefully, mixed in with getting that above project done, I'll also be getting some figures painted. Even, when it gets to the point I can do so, photographs of the project along the way can be hoped for.

Oh, the mountain building project still awaits but may be undergoing some significant revision.  Stay tuned for more on that.  I like getting distracted with terrain projects.

Enough for now.

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