Saturday, November 15, 2014

The RANK AND FILE comes out in force!

Had a game at the club today, French and Indian War, using Rank and File Rules.  At a convention last weekend played with line of battle troops facing a large number of skirmish troops, mostly natives.  All did not bode well for the line of battle troops in that game.  Today's event was all line of battle and artillery with strong levels, veterans all.  Much better staying power this time around.  

Buildings are all from Miniature Building Authority this time and the rivers are all from Rick's Scenics.  Everything else is my own terrain.
The beginnings of the British and French contending for the town which got dubbed Pretrenton based on player comments.  The town wasn't actually an objective, just players trying out how a fight worked out in town.
Down the other end of the field where the French found a couple of bits of impenetrable terrain played havoc with their plans.
While battle rages in town some French artillery tries to get a march on some British - or was that the other way around?
 Beyond the town the British and French engage in a long stand off firefight.
 "He wants to move that unit."
 Another angle.
 Two columns charge into each other.  Ended up the French broke and ran.

 Back at the other end and the French just can't get where they want to go.
 A nervous roll of the dice - without a bad result!
Our eight players of the day - Randy slakes his thirst, Alan taunts across the table, Mike W. checks his charts, Jim is unflappable - the near side French players.  And across the table are the British, Brad wondering what's so interesting on that chart, Brian adopts a familiar pose of dread and impending doom, Gary wonders who are these guys I got dragged into play with, and Mike S. is wondering why he arrived so late (but not as late as Brian!).
The battle is over and only the battle battered troops remain upon the table (5' x 12' for our 15 mm figures).
And from the other end.

This was really a chance for players to try the rules more than any sort of carefully thought out scenario.  Had no idea how many players to plan for, really only expected four so had to pinch it.  Honors ended up with the British but a few more turns might have turned things around.  We did have a 12 year old young lady who got a kick out of helping to set up the terrain but decided not to stick around when she was advised she'd had her share of the treats on hand (a bit more, you might guess).

Seems like everyone had a good time and the rules continue to impress with how easy they are and how well they work.  Pretty much all problems stemmed from game master error (yes, that would be me).  But all in all a successful day.

And, again, my thanks to all the guys who turned out for the game.

For the next couple of months, though, gaming goes in hibernation while facing the Big Holidays and cold season for my wife's orchids.  Also need to put more time into my model railroad project for a while.  But stay tuned for more.  Just not soon, maybe.

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