Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Five-forty Express

No, sorry folks, we're not talking about a train and an Old West game here (well, not yet).  What we're discussing is terrain.  Today I handled 540 pieces of terrain - and finished them!  Okay, technically it was only 150 but 130 were handled four times, once for each of the last four of eight colors getting painted on.  But wait, something is wrong with my math!  Not really.   The 130 were finished and 20 other pieces got some 'blending' so they'd match the rest of the pieces better.  That's how I got to 540 pieces.  And no photos yet.  Too much work, took to long, too tired - and the sun went down.  Hopefully I can get some photos taken and up tomorrow or sometime soon.

This was a good day.


I guess you can call this two posts for the price of one.  Tonight I started the process of reversing the order of the postings on the Pages.  Started with the Viking thread and made it so the most recent post is at the top of the page.  This should make it easier to keep track of what is new.

No decision on this next bit yet but I expect I will do it - the 'it' being making the most recent Page change easier to discern so that generic visits to this blog lead to the newest addition.  The trick, of course, will be how will someone know the 'trick' if they haven't read this?  Maybe make a change to the little blurb at the top.  Yeah, that should do it.

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