Saturday, July 19, 2014


And, no, this isn't about my pirates.  Just a quick expression of frustration at life being so danged busy the last few weeks that I haven't had time to take the photos of my rebased French and Indian War figures, ten military units and two 'units' of unarmed civilians.  Yeah, that busy.

My wife and I are soon to have her niece living with us (one week from today, actually) as she finally has gotten everything together to immigrate to America.

And legally, damn it!

I'm sick to my eyeballs of the molly-coddling of the illegal immigrants.  I'm married to an immigrant so I have no problem with people coming to America.  But do it legal.  Took ten years to get my niece here and she will have a job the moment she lands and be a productive participant in society and surely one day a citizen.

If those illegals get any path to legality, then put them all at the far back end of the line.  Behind everyone else who is doing it legally.  If that means they can't be here legal for twenty years, tough bananas, you've already demonstrated disrespect for American law by coming here illegally.  And, yeah, I know all the arguments about economics and politics.  But, really, 75,000 kids seeking political asylum - I actually heard some twit making that argument - all show up in a small time window?  Hardly.  99.99% percent are here for money, plain and simple.

Yeah, this is a hot button issue for me and if you were in a room with me during this topic you'd get an ear full, certain sure.

Oh, and the ironic bit is that as more immigrants come here we are slowly sinking into a less competitive place on the world stage; no way can we stay so high up against the rest of the world in   a globalized economy.  Plain fact.

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