Monday, March 10, 2014

2014 Goal Progress Report #1

So much to do this year, hobby and otherwise.  Maybe for a while most of my posts might just be progress reports like this one.  Or maybe not.  Progress:

Most of the 28 mm animals are done and delivered and were included in the main play test.  Still have the goats and the poultry to finish up - and a bit of ocean beach to provide for the game.  That has to get done soon, needs to be ready for a convention outing before the end of the month.  The remaining animals will take an evening or two to wrap up.  The ocean beach might take a day or two - or three to allow some drying time.  Will get done on time.  I work well under deadlines.

For the French and Indian War I now have everything, all of it, primed and ready to paint - that's 391 pieces: 293 people, 14 animals, 54 casualties (okay, people, too), and 30 'pieces' which includes 4 artillery pieces.  That is just the newly primed stuff, not the stuff already primed waiting for paint.  A lot of work ahead to meet my goal of getting it all done this year.

While working on the above I had a bit of an inspiration on how to bring the ACW back into gaming status.  The challenge has been getting some "paint to match" unpainted figures finished to make the new organization work.  I realized I can pull one stand of painted figures from each unit plus the unpainted figures from the storage they've been in and work to complete them.  The trick was ensuring to get them back to the right unit (it is ACW and the uniforms can be similar!) so I just put a label with the stored units and a matching label with the to be matched figures - along with the original figure(s) to be matched to.  Get that done and then all I have to do is the rebasing.  Sure, that is a big chore, but it won't even get started on until the match painting is completed.  The silver lining in this was seeing just how few figures need to done, comparatively, to get this done.

On the downsizing?  AWI stays, FIW stays, ACW stays, Old West stays, Steeplechase stays, Indian Mutiny stays.  I thought pirates might not but I just ordered some items from Rebel Minis while they were on sale so I guess it will hang around.  All the others are in flux but nothing has been 'cut' yet.  Most likely to go away?  Right now?  French Foreign Legion and Anglo-Egyptian Sudan are swaying in their hold on me.  Of course, by go away I'm not yet saying the figures leave my possession but they might go into "deep storage."

I did see something cool on TMP about a giveaway to a kid that was pretty cool.  If I ever do decide to make the figures truly 'go away' I might just give them to some worthy youngster but it'd have to be an older youngster since they aren't painted figures (mostly).

Off to life's more important matters.

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