Saturday, October 12, 2013


That is what I've decided to call a form of gaming I want to develop - using the basic idea of pulp gaming but pulling it back into the era of late Victorian and early Edwardian time frames.  And, of course, using Jules Verne and similar as a essential point of inspiration.  Okay, I hear many of you saying - isn't that VSF?  No, I don't think so.  VSF seems to me to border on the realm of fantasy rather than history through a Hollywood lense.  I prefer to take actual history and then lay upon it what Hollywood might have done if it existed, say, fifteen to twenty years earlier.  That is my perception of pulp.  And I want to pull that perceptive view backwards and have Pre-Pulp as a gaming era, fictitious history instead of fantastical non-history.

Anxiously waiting to see what Blue Moon Manufacturing's The Night Chicago Died civilian pack looks like to see what can be adapted to my purposes.

Oh, I am working on relocating my gaming table from the confines of the garage - and getting my parking space back in there - and moving it to an enclosed lanai.  Does mean going with a 5' x 12' basic table but I think there are a great many gamers who can only dream of having such a space, alas.  And since I game exclusively in 15 mm, that means the table is effectively larger than that in comparison to what others use.  A month or two away from full realization.

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