Thursday, July 18, 2013

Followers Blocked

Okay, so I've stumbled on how to block unwanted followers but now I find when I try to renew the gadget that allows - and shows - followers that I have to join up with Google+.  Will have to explore that a bit more before deciding on whether to do so or not.

Otherwise, life is busy away from gaming this summer.  But, man oh man, is Blue Moon Manufacturing coming out with some super cool releases!  And if you decide to dive into their gangsters, don't forget that both rebel minis ( and Khurasan both have some figures that can add in.  Unfortunately, the Khurasan site is down while the proprietor is away but he has both a nice set of cops and another of gangsters.  Just adds some more variety to the mix.  But that Blue Moon offering with its buildings is astonishing.  Now they must add in some vehicles to make the range truly viable.  HO cars are TOO big!  Here's the Blue Moon link for the range:

And if that period doesn't work for you, then check out their new and growing range of colonials.  The NWF fortress is spectacular!
I keep having to wipe drool pools off my computer when I look at that tasty bit.

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  1. Google plus will be unavoidable at some Point as Google goes further with it´s take over of the Internet.
    Blue moon make some really great stuff..but just too big or too small for my collection :-(