Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hey, there, thanks for swinging by!

SteepleChasing Zebras?  What, you've never seen a zebra chasing a church steeple that's running down the street?  You should get out more often, really.

Okay, that should set the tone of what you can expect to find here on this blog.  A little bit zany, yes.   But where is the fun in taking seriously gaming with toy soldiers?  Come on, man, we are grown men playing with toys.  Well, mostly, mostly men, I mean - whether we're grown or just in our second - or third? - childhood is open to question.  Having a blast of a good time, however.  (By the way, if that's not what you are doing then you've gotten it all wrong and you need to rewind to the beginning and start over until you get to that point.)

As you can see from the surfeit of tabs above, there are lots of places to explore here.  Too many places, really.  But, hey, I've got the toys already - well, most of them - so I might as well enjoy them.  And along the way, as time permits, I figure it's proper etiquette to share what I and the local lads are doing with the rest of the world, or at least the better portion of it.

So, from time to time there will be reports of games played.  Meanwhile, I hope to get photos posted up under every tab of painted figures.  Some will be sooner rather than later, and others will be later.  And at least one tab awaits someone creating the figures in the proper scale - for me that is 15 mm.  And, of course it is okay if you are misguided enough to use some other scale than that.  It's just a hobby and you can be as misguided as you want to be.  And me, too.

I've decided to call those who choose to come over to the garage to game on my soon to be finished gaming table "The Plague of Locusts" - has to do with a street name, not that the guys are a plague.  Well, not very many of them.

Here on the Home Page things will work backwards - as in the newest posts will be at the top of the page so you'll have to scroll down to find this introduction as more content gets added here.  On the tabbed pages I expect it to work the other way around with the newest posts at the bottom of the page.  Unless Blogger surprises me and does it the other way around.

But seriously, if you take your WarGaming serious, you are very much in the wrong place.  Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the ride through the lands of my imaginings - a kaleidiscopic view of history and not-quite-history, probably a lot more of the latter than the former.

Alrighty, then, I'm off to that too often dismal place called the Real World for a bit - except when I'm out in the garden getting dirt under my fingernails.  Or when I get to spend time with that young lady who lost her wits just long enough to say yes some years ago.  But I'll be back to this entertaining world of fantasy soon enough.  And, sorry, not any fantasy gaming likely to be found here.  I'm into history - well, a highly contorted version of history.

Volley Fire, Present, at One Hundred Yards - Fire!

        --- the Curmudgeon in Chief

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